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diy sugar scrub recipe
How to Make DIY Sugar Scrub at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try
Making your own self-care products eliminates unnecessary packaging and chemicals while saving you money. This sugar scrub recipe makes crafting your own sweet and easy.
diy closet organizer
10 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas, No Plastic Bins Needed
Looking to get your closet under control? Skip the unnecessary plastic bins in favor of these DIY closet organizer ideas.
diy ugly christmas sweater
13 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Still Have Time to Make This Year
These DIY ugly Christmas sweaters are easy to put together using what you already have, saving money and reducing waste.
11 Eco-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations to Make for the Holidays
Instead of buying new, use what you already have to make these eco-friendly DIY Christmas decorations. There's wreaths, stockings, and beyond.
How to Make DIY Garland Using Your Favorite Fruits
Elevate your collection of homemade fall decorations with this simple, sustainable, and seasonal DIY garland made from dried fruit.
How to Celebrate Halloween the Eco-Friendly Way, From Spooky Decor to Costumes
Having an eco-friendly Halloween is easier than you think! We have the inside scoop on low-waste decor, sustainable candy, costumes, and more.
How to Make a Crochet Tote Bag Out of Plastic Grocery Bags
Learn how to make a crochet tote bag using old plastic grocery bags instead of yarn in six easy steps.
diy furniture ideas
9 DIY Furniture Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use
Why buy new furniture when you can upcycle or repurpose what you already have? Here are some fun and unique DIY furniture ideas to try.
This Hammered Flower T-Shirt DIY Is the Cutest Upcycle Ever
This hammered flower t-shirt DIY is simple, fun, and the perfect way to upcycle that white tee you never wear. Here's how it's done.
bird bath ideas
6 Easy DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Use Upcycled Materials
You can assemble a charming backyard DIY bird bath using upcycled materials. Here are six easy projects to get you started.
how to clean plant leaves
How to Clean Plant Leaves for Healthy and Shiny Houseplants
Did you know most store-bought leaf shine products harm your houseplants? Here's how to clean plant leaves the safe (and eco-friendly) way.
jean shorts diy
Use This Simple Jean Shorts DIY to Upcycle an Old Pair of Denim
This simple jean shorts DIY will help you transform an old pair of denim into the cutest shorts around. Here's how to do it, step by step.
What Is a Microwedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Microweddings have recently grown in popularity. Here's what a microwedding is and why it's a great option for the planet.
natural easter egg dyes
How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes with Fruits and Veggies
Learn how to make natural Easter egg dyes using avocado skins, onion peels, and other fruits and veggies you already have.
plastic easter eggs alternative
Why to Ditch Plastic Easter Eggs—and the Eco-Friendly Alternative Worth Trying
Plastic Easter eggs may be pretty, but they're not sustainable. Here's why you should switch to fillable paper eggs this season.
does oat milk go bad
Does Oat Milk Go Bad? Here's What a Registered Dietitian Says
A registered dietitian shared whether or not oat milk goes bad, how long it lasts, and how to store it for maximum shelf life.
kinetic sand recipe
The Best Homemade (and Taste-Safe!) Kinetic Sand Recipe for Kids
This kid-friendly DIY is natural and taste-safe, all while providing a pleasant sensory experience. Here's how to make sustainable kinetic sand.
diy cat bed ideas
8 DIY Cat Bed Ideas That Are as Eco-Friendly as They Are Cozy
Cats are simple creatures when it comes to comfort. Ditch the pet store for a DIY cat bed made using materials you already own.
5 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas for Your Sustainable Celebration
Looking for some fun eco-friendly Valentine's Day decorations? We have a handful of decor ideas that are sure to impress.
cat tree ideas
7 DIY Cat Tree Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use
Your cat needs to climb. These DIY cat trees allow you to create space for your feline friends using upcycled, accessible materials.
How to Make a Quilted Jacket from Old Clothes and Fabric
The only thing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket is getting to wear one everywhere you go. Here's how to make a quilted jacket.
natural fabric dye using food scraps and plants
How to Create Natural Fabric Dyes Using Food and Plants
Using plants, fruits, and more to create natural dye is both creative and environmentally friendly. Here's an introduction to the ancient practice.
12 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Things You Already Have at Home
These easy DIY Halloween costumes are good for the planet and your wallet. You can create them with things you already have at home!
23 DIY Fall Décor Ideas Made From Upcycled Materials
Get ready for fall with these DIY fall décor ideas featuring upcycled materials found in and around your home.
5 DIY Pet Toys You Can Make With Upcycled Materials
These DIY pet toys are an easy and affordable way to entertain your cats and dogs—and you probably already have the materials.
This DIY Pet Bed Doubles as a Stylish Rattan Side Table
Have an old side table you no longer like? Turn it into a stylish DIY pet bed for your space. Here's how, step by step.
How to Make a Terrarium in a Bottle Using Upcycled Materials
Making a terrarium in a bottle is easy when you have an old plastic water bottle and egg carton on hand. Here's how it's done.
9 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas, Including an Upcycled Baby Crib Swing
Looking to redecorate your outdoor space? Check out these DIY patio furniture ideas for a fun and sustainable summer project.
What Are Ecobricks—And Can They Help Solve Our Plastic Waste Problem?
Are ecobricks really a potential building block to solving our plastic waste problem? Here's everything you should know.
8 DIY Plant Stand Ideas That Will Instantly Spruce Up Your Space
Need some new ways to display your favorite plants this summer? Here are some creative DIY plant stand ideas to spruce up your space.
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