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10 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas, No Plastic Bins Needed

Looking to get your closet under control? Skip the unnecessary plastic bins in favor of these DIY closet organizer ideas.

diy closet organizer
Written by
Diana Kurzeja
Whether you have a beautiful walk-in closet or a small, cramped
, it can be tricky to keep your closet organized. Thankfully, you don’t need to break the bank to keep your closet under control. Rather than heading out to the shops to buy new plastic bins, there are so many DIY closet organizer ideas you can use to benefit both your wallet and the environment. 
The majority of trash ends up in a landfill–in 2018, about
146.1 million tons
of municipal solid waste was landfilled. By making your own DIY closet organizer, you can help curb landfill waste by using products you already have at home. These are 10 ideas you can use instead of shopping for something new.

10 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas That Will Save You a Ton of Closet Space

1. Use Shower Rings

There are only so many clothes you can hang on a hanger—cue shower rings! Thread shower rings along the flat half of a hanger to maximize space, each ring acting as an individual means of keeping scarves and accessories organized.

2. Position Hooks on Open Spaces

A well-honed closet is one that uses all available space to its maximum potential. Once your clothes are hung, keep an eye out for any open wall space and install some DIY hooks tailored to your taste.

3. Add Baskets

That collection of baskets that you've been amassing (or that taking up space at your local
thrift store
) is ready for use in your super-sleek closet. Store accessories and extra clothes sans any unwanted clutter.

4. Hang Your Handbags

Instead of stashing bags on the floor or shelves, hang them up on hooks for a prettier (and less chaotic) presentation.

5. Shelve Your Shoes

When sorting through your wardrobe, it seems like there's never enough room for
—but worry not! Use a bookshelf or other shelving unit to create a perfectly-sized shoe closet. You’ll be saving a lot of floor and closet space with this simple DIY hack.

6. Double your hanging space with soda tabs

This genius DIY idea can save you a ton of closet space. Save the tab from your next kombucha or canned wine and thread your hanger hook through one hole, and an additional hanger hook through the next. Voila! Instant (and free) double hangers.

7. Break Out the Bar Cart

Home Depot
Put your aging bar cart to good use by filling it with everyday accessories like shoes, socks, scarves, and hats. As with its classic purpose, wheels and easy mobility make this a seamless and portable closet hack.

8. Arrange Wooden Boxes on the Wall

A simple stack (or more purposefully installed) row of wooden boxes turns your closet space into a functional display. Throw anything on the floor into your new boxes for a quick and easy cleanup.

9. Mount Some Pegboard

Incredibly mutable and easy to DIY, pegboard transforms any wall or door into an endless possibility of options. Hang small boxes for sock or accessory storage, add hooks for scarves and handbags, even mount a favorite pair of stilettos for easy access.

10. Use a Towel Rod

No need to frantically search for your go-to essentials before rushing out the door. Affix a towel bar to a door or even the side of a dresser for easy access.
Pro tip: Hang a bucket with an S hook for last-minute needs like your sunglasses, lipstick, and keys.