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nature-inspired holiday cookie recipes
10 Nature-Inspired Holiday Cookie Recipes to Bake This Season
The holidays are the perfect time to get baking. These nature-inspired holiday cookie recipes will inspire your love of the season and the natural world.
10 Jobs in Sustainability That Can Help Change the World
Whether you're figuring out your career path or want to make a switch, these jobs in sustainability help make the world a better place.
native-owned brands
7 Sustainable Native-Owned Brands to Support Now and Always
Supporting Indigenous-owned sustainable brands is a simple way to uplift communities during Native American Heritage Month and beyond.
Holiday Travel Methods, Ranked from Most to Least Eco-Friendly
Planning your holiday travel? We ranked the most popular methods (airplane, bus, car, ride-sharing, and train) in terms of sustainability.
5 Intriguing Facts That Will Change Your Perspective on Stick Insects
Stick insects, often overlooked due to their masterful camouflage, are more than just botanical impostors. Here's everything you should know about them.
black friday alternatives
5 Alternatives to Shopping Black Friday Sales
Black Friday sales are everywhere—and so is the waste that comes with them. Try these Black Friday alternatives to the seasonal shopping holiday.
The Most Popular Holiday Dish in Every State
We determined the most popular holiday dish in every state. Discover yours, then try these delicious and eco-friendly holiday recipes.
6 Vegan Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving 2023
Looking for vegan turkey alternatives for Thanksgiving? Here are six eco-friendly options recommended by a registered dietitian.
gratitude for planet
5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude for the Planet
The holidays are the perfect time to pause and pay attention to what's really important. Here are five simple ways to show your appreciation for the planet.
9 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner More Eco-Friendly
Making your Thanksgiving dinner more sustainable is easy. From buying a local turkey to opting for cloth napkins, here are nine swaps to try.
carbon footprint thanksgiving dinner
The Environmental Impact of an Average Thanksgiving Dinner
Curious about the environmental impact of Thanksgiving dinner? Here's the carbon footprint of the meal, plus ways to make it more sustainable.
eco-friendly thanksgiving
6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving
Having an eco-friendly Thanksgiving is easy with these tips. Learn how to plan your feast with the planet in mind, deal with waste, and more.
12 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes to Try This Year
Incorporate these vegan Thanksgiving recipes into your holiday spread this year. Find mains, sides, and sweet desserts.
vegetarian thanksgiving recipes
15 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes the Whole Family Will Love
If you're looking to add some vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to your holiday spread, these flavorful options won't disappoint.
Does Flour Go Bad? Here's What You Should Know
Here's how to keep the beloved pantry staple fresh for as long as possible, saving money and reducing food waste.
how long does hummus last
How Long Does Hummus Last, Really? An RD Weighs in
Hummus is a beloved plant-based spread and dip—but how long does it last in the refrigerator? Snack safely by reading on.
how to make kimchi at home - kimchi recipe
This Kimchi Recipe Is Good for Your Body and the Planet
According to an RD, this traditional Korean dish boasts major health benefits (plus, it's delicious). Read on for your new go-to kimchi recipe.
garbage disposal vs composting vs trash
Garbage Disposal vs Composting vs Trash: What's the Best Way to Throw Away Food?
How do you dispose of food waste in your kitchen? We looked into the garbage disposal vs composting vs trash debate. Here's what you need to know.
10 Leftover Ham Recipes to Use After Your Thanksgiving Feast
Cut down on your holiday food waste by repurposing excess ingredients—starting with these leftover ham recipes.
puffball mushroom
Everything You Should Know About Puffball Mushrooms (and How to Eat Them)
The giant puffball mushroom—a large, round, and easily foraged fungus—is trending on social. And it's easy to see why.
3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint
Unlike our physical carbon footprint, which is visible and tangible, our digital carbon footprint isn't something we can see or touch. Here are some simple ways to reduce it.
how to store ginger
5 Easy Ways to Store Ginger So It Lasts Longer
Want to keep your ginger fresh and prevent food waste? Here are five ways to store ginger so that the root lasts for as long as possible.
How to Recycle and Reduce Your Use of Each Type of Plastic
There are seven types of plastic. Here's everything you should know about each, from recycling guidelines to reducing your consumption.
How Often Should You Shower? A Dermatologist Weighs In
How often should you really be showering? And how can cutting down help the planet? A dermatologist's answer might surprise you.
how to make soap at home
How to Make Soap at Home: Your Easy-to-Follow Guide
Learning how to make soap at home is easy. Here's everything you'll need and simple instructions to follow.
7 Easy Green Habits to Adopt While Cooking
Want to reduce waste in the kitchen? Start by adopting these sustainable habits while cooking.
Robin Greenfield on Cultivating Sustainable Change for a Better World
Robin Greenfield shares his journey to green living and how he strives for simplicity and abundance in his life without material possessions.
how to clean stove top
How to Clean a Stove Top: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Learn how to clean your stove top, be it electric or ceramic glass, to ensure the appliance stays in use (and out of landfills) for longer.
how to remove coffee stains from clothes
How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes Like a Pro
These tips will help you remove coffee stains from your clothing in minutes so you can get back to sipping your favorite brew.
diy pet halloween costumes
11 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friends
From cute and delicious snacks to spooky (and simple) ensembles, these DIY pet Halloween costumes will get your furry friends in the seasonal spirit. Plus, you likely have all the materials already.
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