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Here's Exactly How to Remove Tree Sap from Clothing

Loving on trees can mean dealing with sap or resin stains. Learn how to get sap out of clothes like a pro.

how to get sap out of clothes
Written by
Samantha Bailon
Every now and then we all get a little sappy—especially during the
holiday season
. We're not talking about the Aww, how sweet! sense, but more of the sticky, How did that get there?! sense. Trees have a sneaky way of seeping sap or resin onto our favorite clothing items, the fluid creating a sturdy stain that can seem impossible to eliminate. Luckily, learning how to get sap out of clothes is an easy undertaking.
Sap is something like the blood of a tree. The sticky substance moves through the tubes within the tree (the xylem and phloem), transporting nutrients and sugars to ensure that all parts of the plant are well-nourished. The gooey liquid can be extracted from trees (hello, maple syrup!) and can also leak out due to holes made by burrowing pests or other damage.
If said leakage happens to transfer to your ensemble during an outdoor excursion or a
Christmas tree
mission, worry not—these simple steps will help you to get tree sap out of clothes.

How To Get Sap Out of Clothes

Cotton ball or cloth
Rubbing alcohol
Laundry detergent
1. Start by scraping off any excess sap or resin with a spoon.
2. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or
small dishcloth
. Dab onto the stained fabric until all sap has dissolved. 
3. Once your item is sap-free, wash normally
with detergent
4. Before tossing in the dryer, your garment to make sure all sap has washed away.
5. If not, repeat the process until the sap has completely disappeared.