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Sometimes living sustainably feels like the ultimate challenge. Whether you're looking for planet-friendly product swaps or trying to give yourself a lesson in Composting 101, there’s never been an all-encompassing destination that takes the eco-anxiety out of the equation – until now.

we empower conscious consumers


Our content showcases news, tips, and conversations designed to help you on your journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle.


Share actionable tips with your network and meet new changemakers.


A thoughtful selection of products and brands makes conscious consumption simple.

Brightly’s goal is to empower conscious consumers around the world. We recognize that small, daily actions add up to a huge impact on the world around us.

Brightly combines content, community, and sustainable product recommendations to provide a positive, judgment-free space for change. Our goal is simple: to help you #LiveBrightly through small daily actions that add up to a huge impact on the world around us.
Oh, and don’t worry—we’re all about planet over perfection over here. As much as we would love to be pro recyclers and never waste a single scrap of food, we’re only human. What we’ve realized is real shifts happen when we come together to create a climate of sharing and support, and we’re so glad that you’re joining us on this journey.

How We Positively Impact The Planet

Brightly educates more than three million individuals every day through inspiring short-form videos on social media, an award-winning podcast, Good Together, that has been featured by Apple six times as the “#1 podcast for conscious consumers,” and thoroughly-researched myth-busting sustainability articles.
Our edu-entertainment includes judgment-free tips on how to live sustainably combined with vetted and tested products that are both effective and eco-friendly, taking the stress out of developing crucial habits that make a brighter future possible.

1% For the Planet Membership

Brightly is a proud member of
1% For the Planet
, meaning that we contribute one percent of our annual revenue to causes that protect the environment. We are also an Approved Partner to other 1% For the Planet members, enabling them to utilize Brightly's planet-positive platform to shine a spotlight on their businesses.

Climate Neutral Certified

We're also
Climate Neutral Certified
, meaning we hold ourselves accountable for our business operation's carbon emissions. To become Climate Neutral Certified, a company must show that it is working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from making and delivering its products and services - and compensates for all of them, every year.


Brightly's active editorial staff includes Managing Editor Tehrene Firman, Podcaster and CEO Laura Alexander Wittig, and more.

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Want to work with a group of passionate people who care about the planet as much as you do? The Brightly team has spent years in the sustainable fashion, media, and tech spaces and hail from places like Google, Amazon, and Adobe. Check out our current openings.