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Does Coconut Milk Go Bad? Here's What a Registered Dietitian Says

We asked a registered dietitian if coconut milk goes bad, how to tell if it's expired, and how to store it to make it last longer.

does coconut milk go bad
Written by
Riley Baker
Alternative milk is trending. For those who enjoy a
plant-based diet
or choose to avoid dairy for health or preference purposes, milk made from nuts,
, and even fruits offers a sustainable option.
Dairy-free milk
is easy to DIY and comes with a reduced environmental footprint. But crafting a homemade beverage means no sell-by date, meaning it can be difficult to define whether or not your plant-based milk is safer to sip.
For example, does coconut milk go bad? And what's the best way to store it to prolong its life? We asked a registered dietitian.

Does Coconut Milk Go Bad?

does coconut milk go bad
Yes, coconut milk goes bad. Unlike nut milk, coconut milk doesn't require the addition of water—the milky fluid is simply extracted from the pulp of the fiber-rich fruit, making rot a natural accompaniment.
"If sealed properly and stored in the fridge, coconut milk can last up to a week," says Amy Gorin, RD, a plant-based registered dietitian and founder of
Plant Based with Amy
. Fortunately, coconut milk comes with some major menu and health benefits and is easy to consume within the given timeframe.
"In a cup of the boxed drink, you get 45 calories and one gram of fiber as well as an excellent amount of vitamin B12 and vitamin D," says Gorin, who recommends adding coconut milk to smoothies, curries, and other
vegan recipes
for extra creaminess. Though coconut milk is delicious and healthy, it comes without the protein packed in your favorite kinds of nut milk.

How to Tell If Coconut Milk Is Expired

does coconut milk go bad
If your coconut milk looks, smells, or tastes funky, it's time to get rid of it. Gorin notes that strange odors and curdling can indicate spoiled coconut milk, as can any growing mold. When in doubt, dump it out.

What’s the Best Way to Store Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is sold in boxes and cans and should be stored in the refrigerator, sealed tightly. Fortunately, coconut milk also lends well to storage in the freezer, increasing its shelf life to up to one month.
Transfer from the can or box into an airtight container of your own and place it in the freezer for a creamy treat. To return to its original state, just defrost and blend.

The Takeaway

does coconut milk go bad
Does coconut milk go bad? Yes, it does. Coconut milk is a byproduct of a coconut, and its organic nature means that it will eventually turn. Coconut milk lasts for around one week when stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, and about a month in the freezer.
Should you suspect that your coconut milk has gone bad, just add the beverage to your
compost bin
or pile.