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This Coconut Planter DIY Is Easy, Cute, *and* Sustainable

Why buy plastic pots when you can use a coconut? Use this simple coconut planter DIY the next time one of your plants needs a home.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

We're always adding new eco-friendly DIYs to our must-try list. But out of all the ones we've spotted lately, this coconut planter might just take the cake. Who knew food waste could be transformed into such a cute plant pot?

Rachel Mayo, the sustainable Instagram content creator behind @growinthelight, shared a video on her account of her potting a plant in a hollowed-out coconut half. Creative, cute, and sustainable? Yep, count us in.

"Why haven’t I thought about planting directly into an emptied coconut? I saw a stack of these at a plant shop and immediately though duh," she wrote. "The drainage is even better than a traditional pot. Gimme all the coconuts!"

Yep, that's right: Aside from being super cute, using a coconut planter is also a really sustainable option. Unlike some of the plastic plant pots you'll find online, this option is totally natural and biodegradable. Want to make a coconut plant pot of your own? It's easier than you think. Follow Mayo's instructions below.

Coconut Planter DIY

What You Need:

Leftover coconut
Potting soil
Houseplant of choice


1. Firstly, clean and hollow your coconut halves completely. (This is your chance to not only start the planter process, but have a refreshing snack in the process!)
2. Place your fresh potting mix in the empty coconut.
3. Carefully remove your plant from its old pot and gently loosen the roots.
4. Put your plant into its new "pot" and voilà! The easiest and cutest DIY coconut planter you ever did see.