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How Manduka Is Making Sustainable Strides in the Yoga Industry

In terms of mindfulness, conscious consumerism and practicing yoga go hand in hand. This week, we're joined by Pamela Levine and Christian Regester to discuss the sustainability of yoga and how their company, Manduka, is working on solutions that are better for your practice and the planet.

Written by
Laura Wittig

In this episode of Good Together, we sit down with Christian Regester, Senior Vice President of Product, and Pamela Levine, the visionary CEO of Manduka, to uncover the company's remarkable journey towards sustainability in the yoga industry. Here's a closer look at our conversation with Pamela.

Leading with Purpose: Manduka's Commitment to Sustainability

Manduka's dedication to sustainability permeates every aspect of its operations, from materials sourcing to manufacturing processes and beyond. Regester emphasizes that sustainability is not just a buzzword at Manduka; it's a fundamental principle guiding their decisions.

Championing Eco-Friendly Materials

Levine sheds light on the importance of materials selection in Manduka's sustainability efforts. She shares insights into the company's meticulous approach to sourcing eco-friendly materials, such as natural rubber and recycled polyester, which contribute to minimizing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Their new PRO yoga mat series is phthalate-free, which is an important step in ensuring product safety for people and the planet.

Empowering Consumers through Transparency

Levine highlights Manduka's dedication to transparency in communicating its sustainability efforts to consumers. Through clear labeling, informative product descriptions, and engaging social media content, Manduka empowers consumers to make informed choices aligned with their values.

Lifetime Guarantee: A Testament to Quality and Sustainability

"Lifetime Guarantee" reflects its commitment to producing durable, long-lasting products. Levine discusses how this approach not only ensures customer satisfaction but also reduces waste by encouraging mindful consumption and product longevity.

Balancing Purpose and Profitability

As CEO, Levine navigates the delicate balance between sustainability and profitability at Manduka. She emphasizes the importance of integrating sustainability into the company's business model, leveraging innovative strategies to drive positive environmental impact while maintaining financial viability.


As we conclude this enlightening episode of Good Together, it's clear that the journey towards sustainable yoga involves navigating various tradeoffs and challenges. Yet, with leaders like Pamela Levine and companies like Manduka leading the way, we're reminded that every small step towards sustainability matters. Together, let's continue to embark on this journey towards a greener, more conscious future.