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9 Low-Maintenance Plants That Thrive Off Neglect

Cultivating an indoor jungle? With relaxed watering schedules and casual light needs, these low-maintenance plants make growth an easy feat.

low maintenance plants
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Calin Van Paris
Chill is an archetype we all aim for. From beauty routines to
wardrobe choices
, a want of a low-maintenance lifestyle—especially one that offers the illusion of much, much maintenance—is an appealing prospect. Fortunately, a host of low-maintenance houseplants exist, ready to infuse your home with beauty and turn even the blackest thumb green.
The relaxed nature of certain potted plants is predominantly down to their natural climate (tropical plants pull moisture from the air, for example) and tolerance for drought and heat (dry conditions = less watering).
Fortunately, this effortlessness does not equate to a lack of visual appeal—some of the most striking houseplants are also, as it turns out, very easy to please.
Pro tip: When it comes to certain plants, pay attention to the price points—that fancy, ultra-expensive
is undoubtedly pretty, but not as casual as the cheaper iteration. "The higher the price tag, generally the more finicky they are," confirms plant expert (and enthusiast) Kristin Topping of
Sweetlife Flora
in a recent
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To kickstart your new laidback lifestyle, here are nine low-maintenance houseplants that make indoor gardening a surprisingly easy undertaking.

9 Low-Maintenance Plants

1. Snake Plant

low maintenance plants
The first in the line-up of houseplants that will love you no matter what: the
snake plant
. Dracaena trifasciata is a common plant with leaves that rise like verdant flames, and the plant's own spark for life is pretty hard to snuff out.
Make sure your snake plant is potted in well-drained soil (and in drainable containers), water when you notice said soil is dry, and ignore for up to a month. Your snake plant will survive.

2. Succulents

are pretty, manageable, and nearly impossible to kill. This is because the various plants have adapted to withstand droughts—and your watering skills can't be much worse than nature's dryest conditions.
Just make sure your collection of succulents is getting some sun, as they do love their light.

3. Hoya

low maintenance plants
may be known as "porcelain flowers," but they're anything but delicate. There are many varietals of hoya, most of which produce fragrant flowers, and all of which thrive in indirect sunlight with little to no maintenance—save for a little watering (best done when leaves begin to pucker).

4. Arrowhead Plant

This plant is an eye-catching climber that requires a bit of pruning, indirect light, and only a moderate amount of water. Allow soil to dry before watering again, then leave your arrowhead alone to creep and thrive in peace.

5. Monstera Deliciosa

low maintenance plants
Though born in the tropics, Monsteras are a mainstay in the houseplant world for their elegant shape, vibrant hues, and
easy-to-meet needs
Monstera pulls the majority of its moisture from the air, making sporadic watering or misting more than enough to support the sophisticated stalks.

6. Air Plants

Air plants are so easy, they don't even require soil to live their best lives. Though the prehistoric-looking plants do require the occasional submerging or spritz, missing the occasional watering will do nothing to dull their unique beauty.

7. Jade Plant

low maintenance plants
A species of succulent, the jade plant calls for a similarly hands-off approach. When properly cared for, these durable plants can live for up to a century. Well-drained soil, indirect sunlight, and occasional watering are all that these lucky leaves need to stay vibrant.
Too much growth (is there such a thing)? Jade plants are easy to
for a thoughtful gift.

8. ZZ Plant

These houseplants tend to top the list of low-maintenance options. This is likely because ZZ plants only require watering every 2-3 weeks. Plus, even without constant watering, the leaves of the ZZ stay rich in hue, setting them apart from many drought-tolerant plants.

9. Chinese Evergreen

low maintenance plants
We round out our list with a prettily variegated and pleasantly bushy plant: the Chinese evergreen. Their need for watering is minimal, as the wax-layered leaves hold moisture between splash sessions.