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8 DIY Cat Bed Ideas That Are as Eco-Friendly as They Are Cozy

Cats are simple creatures when it comes to comfort. Ditch the pet store for a DIY cat bed made using materials you already own.

diy cat bed ideas
Written by
Diana Kurzeja
It's called a "cat nap" for a reason.
live for curling up in a cozy spot at home—in fact, they spend
12-18 hours a day
sleeping. And though you certainly want to help make that slumber as comfortable as possible, cat owners know that a feline will often turn up its nose at an expensive bed in favor of the couch, a random item of clothing, or an empty paper bag.
Besides, store-bought pet beds are often made with unsustainable materials like vinyl and
—durable and easy to clean, but less easy on the environment. Rather than splurging on a new bed that could go unused—and then to the
—why not reduce your carbon pawprint and go the DIY route for your furry friend?

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There's no need to get crazy here, as a surplus of crafting items is also a less-than-eco route. Instead, look around your home—you'll find that there are plenty of items primed to be repurposed, reimagined, or dismantled for DIY cat bed parts. Your cat
likely loves your scent
, too, making using your old clothes and blankets to create a safe space for snoozing a comforting and clever idea.
Here, eight DIY cat bed ideas to help you think outside the animal's preferred cardboard box.

8 DIY Cat Bed Ideas That Use What You Already Have

Basket Cat Perch

Put that random basket (we all have one) to use to create a chic hanging daybed. Use a rope to tie the basket up beside a window so your cat can enjoy the views, and put in a cushion or blanket for added comfort.

Cat Condo

If you have an old wooden pallet and love a good DIY challenge, this cat condo is the perfect multi-purpose bed for your furry friend. Use jute rope, wood, and some carpet or a soft cushion to create a cat condo that can be used to store food and toys with room to spare.

Cat Cave

As a cat lover, you know just how quickly an empty box can become your cat’s playpen or haven. Elevate that idea by wrapping an empty box in an old tee, with the neck hole serving as the entrance.

Suitcase Bed

Before you donate that vintage suitcase, consider
it into a spacious cat bed for your cat to enjoy. Add a cushion, pillow, or blanket (along with some small framed pictures of friends and family, as pictured) for cat-approved comfort.

No-Sew Cat Bed

This no-sew bed is the perfect place for your cat to lounge. All you need for this simple DIY is a swath of soft fabric and the stuffing of your choice—opt for batting or any other soft material in your home.

Cat Hammock

Create the ultimate hang spot for your furry friend with this adorable cat hammock. Find a four-legged desk or bedside table and tie some fabric underneath it to create a relaxing oasis for your cat.

Stylish Cardboard Box

Another empty cardboard box, another opportunity for elevation. Simply use spare fabric or wrapping paper to add some flair to your cat's beloved bed, adding a pillow or blanket for a sustainable slumber.

Sweater Bed

Hills Pet
If you find your cat cuddling up on your pillow for a nap, add an old sweater for a bed that's also a full-on ode to its owner.