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7 DIY Cat Tree Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use

Your cat needs to climb. These DIY cat trees allow you to create space for your feline friends using upcycled, accessible materials.

cat tree ideas
Written by
Diana Kurzeja
furry friends
are like family—it’s understandable that we want to spoil them and keep them happy. That said, investing in an endless collection of toys and other accessories isn't the only way to express your affection.
If you love crafting and turning
materials into new, improved pieces for your home, why not try making a DIY cat tree, providing a space for your indoor cat to explore, lounge, and play?
Creating your own cat tree boasts many benefits. In addition to saving you money, getting creative with existing furniture, materials, and items you have on hand reduces unnecessary waste. As the average American produces
4.9 pounds of trash per day
, cutting down on your consumption anywhere you can is an instant an eco-win.
Cats thrive in an environment where they can stretch, perch, and climb, making cat trees essential for the happiness of your favorite feline. Here, seven DIY cat tree ideas to implement in your own home.

7 DIY Cat Tree Ideas for Your Beloved Furry Friend

Cat Tower Bookshelf

diy cat tree
Have a bookshelf that's bound for donation? Think again. This cat tree is all about repurposing existing pieces, creating space for cat hangs while also providing storage and decor opportunities for humans.
While the woodworkers and metalsmiths among us may be able to make this tree themselves, we suggest heading to your local thrift store to find tall units featuring shelves in varied sizes and placements. Add fluffy cushions, rope, and more to a few (or all) shelves to create a cozy cat environment.

Stacked Cat Condo

If you’re looking for a super simple DIY cat tree, this multi-level cat condo provides the perfect hangout spot for your furry friend. Ditch the new Ikea items for secondhand tables or plywood, and use twine and an old bathroom mat to transmute the pieces into a traditional tree.

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Cat Tree With Real Branches

A cat tree made from an actual tree? What a concept! Bring the natural world indoors with this unique option made from real branches. Source fallen wood and stones from your local park (or even your own backyard), and supplement with plywood, rope, and faux greenery to create an aesthetically pleasing piece.

Wicker Basket Cat Tree

diy cat tree
If you have a few wicker baskets handy and love a good DIY challenge, try your hand at this fancy cat jungle gym. Cats can often be found squishing into boxes and baskets, so this clever hack is sure to result in many grateful purrs—all without much cost, waste, space, or effort.

Stool Cat Tree

diy cat tree
Any stool can become a wall-bound cat tree with this out-of-the-box take. Maximize your wall space by mounting halved secondhand stools, making an elevated path for your cats to climb and explore.

Catio Cat Tree

Does your cat love spending time outdoors? Then this catio (cat patio) will be your cat’s new favorite spot. A catio is essentially an enclosed space where your cat can climb and relax outside safely. To make this escape-proof space, you’ll need wire and wood—or just a repurposed chicken coop from your local
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Multi-Level Cat Tree

diy cat tree
This multi-level cat tree is perfect for adventurous cats who can’t get enough of climbing things. All of the platforms on this cat tree face the wall so your cat can climb up to the top of the post.
The closest to a classic storebought cat tree on our list, we suggest making this DIY option even greener by utilizing extra plywood, old carpet or towels, repurposed rope and cushions, and whatever else you can think of to carry off the design.