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6 Easy DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Use Upcycled Materials

You can assemble a charming backyard DIY bird bath using upcycled materials. Here are six easy projects to get you started.

bird bath ideas
Written by
Angelica Pizza
Looking for ways to attract more life to your
home garden
? Try making your own bird bath! Bird baths are small, shallow pools of water where our bird friends can stop for a drink or bathe in the hot sun. They also make for gorgeous additions to our gardens.
If you want to add a bird bath to your garden, but you're not sure where to begin, try using recycled and
materials to create a unique statue. When you're ready to get creative and use your DIY skills, check out the DIY bird bath ideas for your feathered friends below.

6 DIY Bird Bath Ideas for Your Backyard

DIY Hanging Glass Lid Bird Bath

diy bird bath ideas
This might be the easiest DIY bird bath you'll come across. All you need is a glass lid from ceramic cookware. You probably have one in your kitchen cabinet, but you can also find it at almost any
thrift store
You'll also need a medium-weight chain to hold your glass lid. Hang it from a sturdy tree branch, fill it with water, and your bird bath is ready for visitors.

Repurposed Lamp Bird Bath

diy bird bath ideas
This tutorial turns an old lamp into a stunning DIY bird bath. You can find lamps at thrift stores or
secondhand furniture
shops if you don't have one you're looking to get rid of.
Simply glue a glass bowl to the top that acts as a tiny pool. Glass bowls can also be found at thrift stores or right in your kitchen cabinet. This tutorial is a great way to keep waste
out of landfills
, while also creating a gorgeous piece for the garden.

Mosaic Bird Bath from CDs

Not sure what to do with your old CDs aside from making a
DIY disco ball planter
? If you're ready to part with the nearly obsolete media, but you're not sure how to dispose of them, don't toss them.
Instead, use this tutorial to use them to create a mosaic on a terracotta pot base. It's like doing a puzzle, and the final product is stunning.

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Tea Pot Set Bird Bad

diy bird bath ideas
Vintage tea sets are adorable, but they can take up a lot of cupboard space—especially if you have a large mug collection! If you have a matching tea set, or you found one at a thrift store and couldn't say no, transform the set into a bird bath.
You'll need some ceramic glue to keep each piece together. Top it off with a large plate or bowl, and you've got a totally upcycled bird bath for the garden.

Chip Tray Bird Bath

Chip trays definitely come in handy when hosting a small get-together. But they can have another purpose. Try turning an old chip tray into a bird bath (or a bird feeder) by attaching it to an old vase and a vintage bowl. Hang it up using a plant hanger, chain, or twine.
All of the items used in this tutorial can be found at secondhand shops, so no new products are used.

Metal Garbage Can Bird Bath

diy bird bath ideas
Metal garbage cans aren't exactly the most attractive feature in our yards. Why not give yours a makeover?
Make sure you clean your garbage can thoroughly—that includes the lid! Then flip the lid upside down over the opening of the garbage can. Lastly, fill it with water, and you have a simple bird bath.