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9 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas, Including an Upcycled Baby Crib Swing

Looking to redecorate your outdoor space? Check out these DIY patio furniture ideas for a fun and sustainable summer project.

Written by
Jane Smart

If you're looking to revamp your outdoor backyard patio space, you've come to the right place. The process doesn't have to be expensive or stressful. In fact, it can be fun and enjoyable.

When dreaming up your DIY patio furniture, first focus on repurposing what you already have around your home. Upcycling is the ideal solution, as no "new" resources are needed. Upcycling also keeps waste out of landfills: Instead of tossing trash out, you can turn it into treasure. And if you do need new materials, opt for sustainably-made options first.

Ready to create an outdoor space you'll want to spend every second in this summer? Here are some DIY patio furniture ideas to get you started.

9 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

Having a bar on your patio is (almost) every social adult's dream. To achieve a stable and weather-proof outdoor bar, cinder blocks and a wood pallet are your best bet. While this project takes a lot of work, the finished product is certainly something to cheers to.

You know those plastic crates collecting dust in your basement? Give them a new life as DIY patio furniture using this tutorial. All you need to do is top them with the foam mattress pad you were planning on getting rid of and your fabric of choice.

Photo: Girl, Just DIY!

If you want somewhere to set your food and drinks, a DIY side table will be a fun addition to the patio. Since this table is small—around 2-foot by 4-foot—it's a great way to use up any leftover lumber from other projects. After assembling it, add some paint and you're good to go.

Another cinder block-based DIY is a raised garden bed for any gardening folks out there. All you have to do is stack your blocks into a square shape and fill the inside with soil for your veggies or flowers. (Psst—try planting these pollinator flowers for bees!)

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on an outdoor table—or buy a cheap option from a fast furniture brand—DIY it! Learning how to construct your own patio furniture is incredibly rewarding. It also sparks great conversation when you have guests!

Now that you've seen a cinder block raised garden, you may be wondering where you can store your gardening tools and supplies. You can get two benefits in one piece of furniture! The box can be used for storage as well as a bench to sit on.

Have some old wooden salad bowls on hand that you won't be using anytime soon? Turn them into stools for your patio! All you need to do is paint the bowl your color of choice, drill a hole into the underside, and screw it onto a log.

Making a cute backyard bench doesn't need to be complicated. All you really need is some concrete cinder blocks and wood posts! Assembling it couldn't be easier; you don't need to be a DIY pro to get the job done.

Don't have a need for your baby crib anymore, but can't bear to give it away? Turn it onto a porch swing and make new memories for years to come! After some slight adjustments, it will be ready to grace your outdoor space.