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Use This Simple Jean Shorts DIY to Upcycle an Old Pair of Denim

This simple jean shorts DIY will help you transform an old pair of denim into the cutest shorts around. Here's how to do it, step by step.

jean shorts diy
Written by
Tehrene Firman
Buying a
new pair of shorts
isn't always cheap. The good news is there's really no need to—especially if you already have an old pair of jeans in your closet that's just waiting to be transformed.
Jules Acree
, the lifestyle blogger behind
Om and the City
, shared her jean shorts DIY that allows you to turn an old pair of jeans into a cute new pair of denim shorts. Aside from saving you money,
upcycling clothing
is also a great way to cut down on waste and help out the planet.

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"If you have that urge to go shopping for something new, maybe take a look at what you already own and see what you can do to breathe new life into it," she said in an
Instagram post
. "Typically I would just donate it, but since I was already wanting a new pair of shorts, I might as well take what I have and create it myself."
Whether it's a pair of jeans you simply don't wear anymore—or a pair that's damaged with one too many holes—it's a great way to add it back into your weekly rotation. Here's Acree's jean shorts DIY, step by step.

The Easiest Jean Shorts DIY

diy jean shorts
1. Fold your jeans in half, so one leg is over the other. Make sure the front of your jeans is facing in.
2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the jeans around the mid-thigh area. Always cut longer than you think at first; you can always go shorter, but never longer.
3. Try them on and decide how much shorter you want to go. Make a small mark on the backside of the jeans where you want to do the next cut.
4. Fold your jeans again, making sure the front of the jeans is facing in. Using the mark you made, do your second cut.
5. Try them on and see what you think. To make the finished product look more distressed, run them through the dryer to fray them. Or, cuff them.
6. Go out into the world in your cute new pair of jean shorts!