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This DIY Pet Bed Doubles as a Stylish Rattan Side Table

Have an old side table you no longer like? Turn it into a stylish DIY pet bed for your space. Here's how, step by step.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

Everyone has an old piece of furniture they aren't sure what to do with. But before you get rid of something that no longer fits your style (12 million tons of furniture was sent to landfills in 2018, after all), try upcycling it into something new. One prime example? Turning a side table into the cutest pet bed you've ever seen.

In a video that's garnered nearly two million views, Drew Scott, the DIYer behind the account @LoneFoxHome, shared how he transformed an old side table into a chic rattan pet bed. While he used a common metal side table from IKEA, you can get the same look with other similar open side tables as well—you just need to improvise and use a little creativity.


"I've had this IKEA side table in my apartment forever and I wanted to do something new with it," he says. "The miniature pet home doubles as a side table. It's the cutest DIY project I think I've ever made.

This style of pet bed has been increasing in popularity—there are now brands that make beds and crates that double as home decor. But why spend hundreds when you can turn trash into treasure and create your own? Here's everything you'll need to get started.

How to Make a DIY Pet Bed

What You'll Need:

Open side table
Woven rattan/cane webbing
Edge banding


1. In order to get the same look as Scott's pet house, you'll need an open side table and some woven rattan/cane webbing.

2. Wrap the woven rattan around your side table, marking off how much you need.

3. Trace an archway on a piece of paper and cut out the shape. This will be the entrance, so make sure your pet can easily get in and out.

4. Put the woven rattan on a flat surface. Top with the archway shape and trace around it, then cut it out.

5. Line the entrance you just cut out with some rope. This makes the edge look cleaner.

6. Add edge banding to the top and bottom of the rattan to clean up those edges as well.

7. Use the legs to hold the cane webbing on the inside. Once secured, glue the edges together and add a cozy cushion or blanket. You'll be left with a pretty new DIY pet bed/side table combo your furry friend will adore.