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9 DIY Furniture Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use

Why buy new furniture when you can upcycle or repurpose what you already have? Here are some fun and unique DIY furniture ideas to try.

diy furniture ideas
Written by
Asha Swann
You've heard of
fast fashion
, but have you heard of
fast furniture
? Just like with clothing, the home goods are typically low-quality, mass-produced, cheap, and disposable. As new trends come, people look to quickly replace the items they already have in their homes—even if they aren't broken.
Because of this short life cycle, the barely-used furniture often goes to a landfill, accounting for more than 
12 million tons
of municipal waste in the United States. But what if we told you that instead of tossing those items out, you can upcycle them into brand-new items? It doesn't take much to turn something that was bound for the trash into treasure.
The DIY furniture ideas below allow you to use what's already available—whether that's furniture you own or
something you thrift
—instead of buying new. Something as simple as giving a dresser a fresh coat of paint can help brighten up a room.
If you're looking for a weekend project to give new life to old furniture, we've got you covered. Take a look at these creative DIY furniture ideas, then get to work.

9 DIY Furniture Ideas for a Sustainable Home

Cane Nightstand

diy furniture ideas
You can instantly upgrade a nightstand by replacing the drawers with a cane door. It adds a cozy, Earthy look to any space.

Pastel Pink Dresser

A fresh coat of paint can refresh any piece of furniture. This dresser looked brand-new again after getting a touch of pastel pink.

Wallpaper Table

diy furniture ideas
Wallpaper… on a table? It's a great way to give an old table a brand-new look. Giving it a coat or two of crystal clear varnish after applying the wallpaper to seal everything in.

Washi Tape Dresser

Not all DIY furniture projects involve paint. This one only requires a few different colors of washi tape and can be done in record time—no DIY skills required.

Vintage Suitcase Bar Table

diy furniture ideas
If you want to make your very own bar table that's sure to be a conversation starter, assemble one using a vintage suitcase and a TV stand. Pro tip: Add these
handblown wine glasses
for a pop of color.

Leopard Print Cabinet

If you want to do something bold, consider adding a fun pattern to an old cabinet or wardrobe. This DIY furniture project went with a simple leopard print, but you can do whatever you want.

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Vintage TV Cat Bed

Why not get really creative and transform an old vintage TV into an adorable cat bed? This one got a splash of color by using patterned wallpaper inside.

Leather Safari Sling Bench

diy furniture ideas
If your sofa is past its prime but the leather is still in great condition, remove it and attach it to a frame for a cute hammock-like entryway seat.

Door Headboard

diy furniture ideas
Why buy a new headboard when you can make one using an old door? Sand it down for a natural look, or add a pop of color for something bolder. As you can see here, the more doors, the merrier!