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low maintenance plants
9 Low-Maintenance Plants That Thrive Off Neglect
Cultivating an indoor jungle? With relaxed watering schedules and casual light needs, these low-maintenance plants make growth an easy feat.
how to plant a pineapple top
How to Plant a Pineapple Top in 7 Simple Steps
Don't toss your leafy pineapple top! Here's how to plant a pineapple top and turn it into a cute and unique houseplant, step by step.
5 Pet-Friendly Plants That Are Safe for Dogs and Cats
If you're looking for some pet-friendly plants that are safe for dogs and cats, we have five expert-approved picks you should know about.
bathroom plants
8 Bathroom Plants That Thrive in Warm, Humid Environments
Want to add some bathroom plants to your space? These options thrive in warm, humid environments, making them perfect picks for the bathroom.
cat-safe houseplants
8 Cat-Safe Houseplants That Won't Raise a Whisker of Concern
Adorn your home with these non-toxic, cat-safe houseplants. Whether you yearn for a touch of the tropics or crave a whimsical atmosphere, there's a perfect pick for every space.
dog friendly plants
7 Dog-Safe Houseplants to Add to Your Indoor Jungle
Certain plants can be toxic to our animal friends. Have this list of dog-friendly plants on hand before visiting your local greenhouse to create a pet-friendly oasis.
gifts for plant lovers
11 Grow-Ready Gifts for Your Favorite Plant Parents
Searching for the perfect present for a loved one with a green thumb? These gifts for plant lovers will guarantee growth year-round.
pilea plant care
Caring for Pilea Plants: Your Guide to Watering and Propagation
Pilea plants are becoming increasingly popular. Here's your go-to guide to pilea plant care and propagation
how to collect rainwater
Everything You Should Know About Collecting Rainwater
Learning how to collect rainwater is a sustainable solution to your gardening woes. Here's what you need to know to get started.
best grow lights
5 Best Grow Lights for Your Indoor Gardening Game
These are the best grow lights for indoor gardening, from countertop kits to hanging lights. Because who doesn't want homegrown herbs and veggies year-round?
plant blindness
What Is Plant Blindness? Urban Farmer Nick Cutsumpas Explains the Phenomenon
Plants are vital to our environment and its many ecosystems, making our attention essential. Here's what plant blindness is, and how to combat it.
diatomaceous earth
What Is Diatomaceous Earth—and Is It Sustainable?
Made from the fossils of single-celled algae, diatomaceous earth is a sustainable (and incredibly useful) material you need to know about.
Need a Houseplant Overhaul? Here’s How to Host a Plant Swap
There's no better way to spruce up your home than with some new plants. Here's how to host a plant swap for some fresh new greenery.
10 Native Full-Sun Plants and Flowers That Thrive in the Heat
We're living through one of the hottest summers on record. Here are 10 full-sun plants and flowers that thrive in the heat.
5 Ways to Help Your Plants Survive the Heat Wave
Here's everything you can do to help your favorite plants survive this summer's record-breaking heat wave.
Eggshells for Plants: How to Use Leftover Eggshells for Your Plants and Garden
Don't toss out your eggshells. Here are the benefits of using eggshells for plants, how to go about it, and mistakes to avoid.
The Natural Solution to Your Indoor Pest Problems? Carnivorous Plants
Say goodbye to exterminator expenses and hello to nature's natural pesticide. Here's everything you need to know about carnivorous plants.
Everything You Need to Know About Being a First-Time Plant Parent
Are you a first-time plant parent? Nick Cutsumpas of Farmer Nick has your back. Here are all the houseplant tips you could ever need.
Using Rice Water on Plants: Does the Growth Hack Work?
Gardeners say using leftover rice water for plants helps their indoor jungle thrive. Here's what the science says about the growth hack.
Bringing the Outside In: Indoor Gardening and Biophilic Furniture Are Trending
More people are starting to bring the outside in, whether it's using new tech for an indoor garden or creating biophilic furniture.
How to Propagate a Monstera Deliciosa in 6 Simple Steps
Learn how to propagate a monstera in six simple steps. After a little patience, you'll be left with a new addition to your indoor jungle.
When to Repot a Plant: 6 Signs to Look For
Wondering when to repot a plant? An expert shared six signs to look out for. Here's everything you need to know.
5 Reasons Your Plants Are Dying, According to a Pro
If you find yourself asking "Why is my plant dying?" far too often, an expert is here to help. Here are five reasons you should know about.
How to Make Your Own Disco Ball Hanging Planter
You can make your own disco ball hanging planter using materials you already have at home. Here's how.
7 Trailing Houseplants That Instantly Brighten Up Your Home
Trailing houseplants are a dreamy addition to any space. Here are some easy options to care for, from pothos plants to the string of pearls.
How to Water Plants While Away on Vacation: 2 Easy Methods to Try
Learn how to water plants while away so you don't return home from vacation to discover dead plants. Here are two methods that work.
How to Grow and Care for a Loofah Plant for Natural Sponges
Learn how to grow a loofah plant. Here's the process, from germinating the seeds to harvesting the loofah sponge.
Free Houseplant Alert: How to Grow a Sweet Potato Vine Plant in 3 Steps
Want a free houseplant? Here's how to grow a sweet potato vine plant in four steps. It will look just as pretty as your beloved pothos.
9 Hard-to-Kill Plants That Don't Require a Green Thumb
These hard-to-kill plants are sure to stay happy and healthy in your space, from monsteras to snake plants.
6 Easy Houseplants to Take Care Of—No Green Thumb Needed
Meet these easy houseplants to take care of and learn exactly how to help them thrive.
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