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How to Make Your Own Disco Ball Hanging Planter

You can make your own disco ball hanging planter using materials you already have at home. Here's how.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

From salmon rice bowls to heatless curly hair tutorials, TikTok is the place to discover new recipes, tips, and tutorials. And the best part? Many of the latest trendy tutorials feature DIYs, upcycled goods, and sustainable living! That includes this super-cute DIY disco ball planter that's making waves on the app.

If you want to add some mood-boosting disco vibes into your space, this is the only disco ball planter tutorial you'll need. Instead of buying new, here's how to make your own using an old disco ball or upcycled CDs.

How to Make a DIY Disco Ball Planter

If you already have a disco ball from a previous party, you're in luck. You can also check local thrift stores for one. You'll also need a plant, an extra pot, some chains for hanging, and binder rings.

Need to create your disco ball from scratch? Scroll to the second part of the tutorial below.

1. TikTok creator @_cindyliucindy says to place your extra flower pot upside down on the disco ball. Then, trace where the opening of the pot meets the disco ball.

2. Once you've traced the pot, you can carefully cut the top of the disco ball with a knife to create an opening for your pot to sit in.

3. If you plan on hanging your new disco ball planter, remove a few disco tiles toward the opening. This allows you to make holes on either side of the disco ball using a pencil. You can then thread the binder rings right through it.

4. Clip the ends of your chain—or string, ribbon, or rope—to the rings and add the plant. Then your planter is ready to hang!

How to Make a Disco Ball Planter Using Upcycled CDs

If you don't have a disco ball lying around, and you can't find one at thrift stores, you can make your own!

Don't worry about creating waste—this tutorial uses scratched CDs that are unable to be played. So instead of creating new waste, you're utilizing old waste that would build up or get sent to landfills.

CDs are almost obsolete now that we have music streaming apps downloaded on all our devices. That means you may have some old discs piled up in storage. Some may be scratched, so they can't be played. Or maybe, you've seen stacks and stacks of these outdated discs in countless thrift stores.

No matter how you acquire your CDs, here's how to use them to create a fun disco ball planter for your room!

1. According to Skip to My Lou, you'll need about 25 scratched CDs, a ball, newspaper scraps, and hot glue. And of course, some string for hanging. Get creative and use whatever you already have around the house.

2. Start with covering your base ball with the newspaper scraps. You can create a sticky paste using flour and water, then dip the paper in the paste and stick it to the ball. This tutorial uses about three layers of newspaper. Once it's completely covered, hang to dry.

3. Once dry, you can paint the base silver, gold, or any color you'd like. But remember—the base is going to be covered by your CDs scraps.

4. Carefully cut the CDs into small squares using craft scissors or kitchen shears. Then, glue the pieces to the base to create the disco ball.

5. Trace the opening of your plant's pot, carefully cut out that part of the base, and finish it by following the tutorial above. When it's done you'll have a stunning retro disco ball that carries your favorite plants!