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6 Reusable Water Bottles That Help You Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic

Ditch single-use plastic and shop these reusable water bottles instead. By doing so, you'll keep yourself *and* the planet healthy.

Written by
Anna Shuster

When you're trying to decide between using plastic water bottles or reusable water bottles, the latter is the way to go. In 2018, Americans bought 70 billion plastic water bottles. And unfortunately, only a small percentage of those are recycled. The rest wind up as litter or in landfills, where they can take more than 1,000 years to decompose.

The good news is making the switch to a more sustainable option is super easy. Once you find a reusable water bottle you love, you'll want to tote it around everywhere you go. And the more it's by your side, the less you'll depend on single-use options.

There are several reusable water bottles to choose from—here are a few of our favorites!

6 Reusable Water Bottles for Waste-Free Hydration

1. Hydro Flask, $30-$65

Hydro Flasks are reliable, durable, and come in different sizes and colors to fit all your hydration needs! This cult-favorite water bottle is a choose-your-own-adventure: Pick a size from 32 ounces to 64 ounces, and choose your own lid. Just keep in mind, these water bottles can get heavy—they're stainless steel and vacuum-insulated.

2. Nalgene, $3-$30

Nalgene water bottles are a classic. Walk into any classroom or go on any hiking trail and you’re bound to see at least one of these BPA-free bottles. Plus, they're perfect for travelers: You can clip them onto any backpack! They're customizable, affordable, and lightweight.

3. CamelBak, $10-$50

CamelBak has several water bottles to choose from, ranging from different sizes to different lids. These sustainable water bottles are tried and true. They're made from a BPA-free material called Tritan, which is made of 50% recycled materials. They're dishwasher-safe and are about as light as a Nalgene water bottle.

4. S'well, $25-$75

S'well offers stainless steel, vacuum-insulated water bottles, travelers, mugs, and even corresponding accessories like stainless steel straws. These bottles are BPA and BPS-free and, of course, they're reusable.


You can use them to keep drinks hot or cold, so these work great for other beverages like coffee and tea—and you can decrease the plastic waste you create when getting coffee on the go.

5. Purist, $38-$56

Purist offers sleek, cool bottles starting at 10 ounces. The largest size you can get is 32 ounces. These bottles are leak-proof and double-wall vacuum insulated, keeping your beverages cold for 24 hours! What's also unique about these bottles is that they have an unbreakable interior glass finish.

6. Que, $25-$33

Get this: Que offers collapsable bottles. That's right—now you don't have to worry about how much space your water bottle takes up because it can collapse to half its original size!

It comes in 12 or 20 ounces, and if you're not into the collapsable bottle, don't worry: Que also has an insulated bottle made with a ceramic interior, bamboo, and stainless steel. Plus, 10% of your purchase goes to the Rainforest Trust for conservation efforts in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.