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7 Dog-Safe Houseplants to Add to Your Indoor Jungle

Certain plants can be toxic to our animal friends. Have this list of dog-friendly plants on hand before visiting your local greenhouse to create a pet-friendly oasis.

dog friendly plants
Written by
Riley Baker
We love our
, and we love our
—and, unfortunately, sometimes those two loves don't go hand-in-hand.
Many of the houseplants you'll come across at your local greenhouse aren't
. But what does that mean, exactly? Simply put, certain plants are
toxic if ingested
. So if your pet gets curious and decides to one of those leaves is its next treat—something even Good Boys do on occasion—it could cause seizures, tremors, or other health issues.
Because of that, it's important to consider the houseplants you're bringing into your home if you have pets around, avoiding anything that's poisonous. Luckily, there are plenty of dog-friendly options to choose from, starting with the options below. Your
, plant-filled oasis awaits.

7 Dog-Friendly Plants That Are Safe for Your Home

1. Boston Fern

dog friendly plants
The Boston fern is lush, leafy, and completely dog-safe. The quick-growing option thrives in indirect light and is super thirsty, so ensure its soil is always moist (but never soggy).

2. Areca Palm

This feathery, tropical foliage brings the perfect touch of paradise to your living space. The plant needs attention; if you neglect it, it won't survive long. Ensure it gets bright, indirect light and plenty of water. Also,
repot it
every few years to keep it happy.

3. Spider Plant

dog friendly plants
Don't let the
plant's name creep you out. While it sounds spooky, the fun plant—with its long, arching leaves and white stripes—is anything but. It's a vibrant option to hang up in your home and is fairly easy to take care of. Simply give it bright to moderate light and keep the soil slightly moist.

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4. Calathea

dog friendly plants
The colorful Calathea brings beauty and intrigue to any space with its vibrant, patterned leaves. The dog-friendly plant likes to stay warm in bright, indirect light and prefers moist—but not saturated—soil at all times.
Also cool? The plant opens up its leaves in a horizontal position during the daytime hours to get in the most light it can, then it folds up at night.

5. African Violet

The African Violet is a stunning plant that's totally non-toxic to your pup. The purple-hued plant loves bright, indirect light and humid conditions. Make sure the soil stays moist but well-drained in order to keep it healthy.

6. Pilea

pilea plant care
—also referred to as a Chinese Money Plant—is such a fun and quirky plant to add to your space. Give it bright, indirect light and allow the soil to dry out between deep waterings. If you notice drooping leaves, it's time to give it some H2O.

7. Banana Tree

dog friendly plants
If you're looking for a larger dog-friendly plant for your home, the Banana Tree is a great choice. The statement plant can grow over six feet tall and requires bright, direct light and regular watering.