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8 DIY Dog Bed Ideas That Use Materials You Already Have

Save money and reduce waste by making your furry BFF a DIY dog bed using upcycled materials like old sweatshirts, side tables, and drawers.

diy dog bed ideas
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Riley Baker
So, your fur baby needs a new bed. But before you bring up
and scroll through hundreds of options in order to find the perfect fit, consider creating a DIY dog bed that's great for your pup, the planet, and your wallet.
Assembling a DIY dog bed isn't just a fun and creative project that gives you some much-needed time away from a screen. By using materials you already have at home, you're also reducing your environmental impact.
Store-bought dog beds are often made from synthetic materials and shipped from around the world, contributing to carbon emissions and pollution. Additionally, many are filled with poly-fill, aka polyester fiber.
is a type of plastic that's derived from petroleum. It's also not
, which means it can take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill.

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When you create a DIY dog bed, there's no need to buy anything new. Instead, you're able to create a cozy place for your pup to sleep and relax with materials like old blankets and clothing. Aside from giving new life to items that might otherwise be thrown away, using t-shirts and sweatshirts is also a treat for your dog because they smell like their favorite person—you! Dogs find their humans' scent
super comforting
, so they're bound to catch some serious Zzzs in their new space.
DIYing a dog bed is clearly a win for many reasons. Ready to get creative? Here are some ideas to get you started.

8 DIY Dog Bed Ideas

Upcycled Side Table Dog Bed

diy dog bed
Photo: Lone Fox Home
If you have a side table that doesn't fit in with your current aesthetic, transform it into a cute little dog bed. This one got a serious upgrade with some cane webbing.

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

diy dog bed
Photo: Decor & The Dog
Give your vintage suitcase the cutest upgrade by transforming it into a DIY dog bed. Choose to remove the top or not, add a cozy pillow, and find it a spot in your home.

Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Photo: The Gilded Horn
Heads up: Wine barrels make for great
and dog beds. This one takes some handiwork, but after some sawing, hammering, and sanding, you'll have yourself a unique option for your pup.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed

Photo: Sniff Design Studio
If you have a sweatshirt you're planning on getting rid of, upcycle it into your pup's new favorite bed. Better yet, you can stuff it with other clothing in your get-rid-of pile, giving it a second life.

DIY Drawer Dog Bed

diy dog bed
Photo: Love Grows Wild
Upcycle a big drawer you already have at home or find at a thrift store. Paint it your color of choice, add clothing and blankets for padding, and watch your dog snooze away.

Quilted Dog Bed

Photo: Fine Craft Guild
Grab a bunch of old t-shirts and get to quilting. This DIY dog bed takes some sewing, but once you're done, it's sure to be a masterpiece your furry BFF will certainly appreciate.

Old Pillow Dog Bed

diy dog bed
Photo: Joyful Abode
This DIY dog bed utilizes old pillows that were trash-bound. Turns out, dogs appreciate the cushion—all they need is a cover you can sew together from excess fabric or clothing items.

Flipped End Table Bed

diy dog bed
Photo: Quirk Madame
If you have an end table you're not sure what to do with, flip it over for a charming dog bed. Simply add a pillow and you're good to go.