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8 Bathroom Plants That Thrive in Warm, Humid Environments

Want to add some bathroom plants to your space? These options thrive in warm, humid environments, making them perfect picks for the bathroom.

bathroom plants
Written by
Asha Swann
You probably have
beautiful houseplants
in your living room, bedroom, and
, but how about the bathroom?
There are plenty of plants that thrive in a unique bathroom environment. Why, you ask? Simple: the humidity. Unlike other parts of the house that get cold and drafty, the bathroom gets warm and steamy. That creates a tropical setting for plants, many of which hail from rainforests.
If you're interested in adding a couple bathroom plants to your space, here are some humidity-loving options—and they won't even judge you for singing in the
! (Just be sure your bathroom has a window, because these plants definitely require sunlight, too.)

8 Bathroom Plants Perfect for a Humid Environment

1. Air Plants

bathroom plants
Air plants are epiphytes, meaning they're super-cool organisms that only grow on other creatures. In the wild, these plants grow on tree branches or other plants—not in dirt. Even though they aren't potted plants, they still require some attention and care. But because they don't get nutrients from the soil, they pull humidity from the air, making them perfect for your bathroom.
Care Instructions: There are hundreds of species of air plants, but most only need a light watering every week or two. In a container, place the roots of your air plants into some clean water. Let the roots soak for around 30 minutes, then put them back into their original spot in the bathroom. Depending on how steamy the bathroom is, your plant may need to be watered less often than other plants.

2. Lucky Bamboo

While these plants look just like bamboo, they're actually members of the Asparagaceae family—not a true bamboo. This means they're not likely to be eaten by pandas. These plants make great gifts because they're supposed to bring good luck. Not to mention, they're easy to maintain.
Care Instructions: Lucky bamboo can grow in either soil or water. They prefer a well-lit room, so if your bathroom has a window ledge, this is where you would want to keep it. The plant loves moisture, so make sure your pot has a good draining system. However, if there's too much moisture, algae can grow.

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3. Peace Lily

bathroom plants
Peace lilies are tough plants that are native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia. If you have
pets that are always pawing at your plants
, this may not be the pick for you. Though beautiful, the leaves are toxic to cats and dogs. However, they are known for brightening spaces.
Care Instructions: These plants love moisture. As soon as the soil starts becoming too dry, you'll notice the leaves start to droop. Keep the soil consistently moist, which shouldn't be a problem in a humid bathroom after hot showers. These plants also love indirect lighting, so keep your peace lily near a window.

4. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are low maintenance and can survive in a range of temperatures and humidity levels. They're also
easy to care for
, so if you accidentally neglect your ZZ plant, it won't die on you.
Care Instructions: These plants survive best in slightly warmer temperatures and prefer a lot of moisture. Remember to use a well-draining potting mix to avoid the risk of root rot. These plants hold onto humidity super well and can go between 3 to 4 weeks without being watered.

5. Haworthia

bathroom plants
Haworthia is an adorable, small succulent that often makes for a great desk plant. But it's one of the best bathroom plants, too! These succulents are slow-growing members of the aloe family and bloom once every five years. Plus, they're
hard to kill
Care Instructions: These plants need indirect sunlight and hold moisture in their leaves, just like all succulents. Haworthias only need watering when the soil is completely dry and the leaves show signs of slight curling—which should be around every 3 weeks, depending on the level of humidity in your bathroom. These plants love medium sunlight, so keep them near windows.

6. Spider Plant

If you're arachnophobic, don't worry: Spider plants don't actually attract or carry spiders. They get their name from the long leaves that can sprout off into separate shoots, sometimes giving the plant the appearance of spider legs.
Care Instructions: These plants are great for any beginner because they're low maintenance. They grow fastest in bright, indirect sunlight and take a lot of water.
once the leaves grow too long for your liking, or transfer it to a ceiling planter and let the vines flow. The vines also make for easy propagation.

7. English Ivy

English ivy has a distinct look and grows naturally in almost every part of the world. In some places, this ivy is so fast-growing that it's considered an invasive species, meaning it can grow and overtake the natural biodiversity. But indoors, this plant is the perfect decor for your bathroom.
Care Instructions: These plants can benefit from regular mistings if your bathroom isn't very humid. English ivy is also great for anyone just starting their indoor plant journey. They need average draining soil and can survive in a variety of different light conditions.

8. Peperomia

Peperomia is a tropical plant that grows naturally in warm, humid regions. Different species sprout leaves in different colors, adding a nice decorative touch to any bathroom. And the best part is that they're low-maintenance.
Care Instructions: These plants are slow-growing but survive best in partial or indirect sunlight. Soil should be kept moist but still well-draining in order to
avoid root rot
. They bloom mostly in the summer and can go long periods without water.