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What Is Diatomaceous Earth—and Is It Sustainable?

Made from the fossils of single-celled algae, diatomaceous earth is a sustainable (and incredibly useful) material you need to know about.

diatomaceous earth
Written by
Calin Van Paris
We love a new
—particularly one that transforms would-be messy or bacteria-ridden household items into something sleeker, chicer, and cleaner.
Say hello to diatomaceous earth, a super absorbent substance crafted from an unexpected natural source.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-occurring material comprised of the
fossils of minuscule aquatic organisms
called diatoms. The resulting, silica-rich material can be used for pest control, pet care, and product innovation, all without much manmade interference.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Sustainable?

Yes, very.
Not only is diatomaceous earth regenerative, the eco material also serves as an atmospheric cleanser.
Living diatoms (a single-celled algae) have been found to remove carbon dioxide from the air, sinking it into the ocean and ultimately "capturing as much gas as nearly all of the trees," according to
Smithsonian Magazine

What Makes the Material Special?

diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth is natural, non-toxic, and, when processed, almost magical in its absorptive prowess. In fact, the material can hold nearly
150% of its own weight
in liquid.

3 Ways to Use Diatomaceous Earth

1. Swap Your Coasters

Even the coldest beverages, left to languish on the hottest days, don't stand a chance against t these
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. Condensation is instantly absorbed, making enjoying a sustainable sip an even more relaxing event.

2. Protect Your Plants

Keep plants healthy and surfaces stain-free with these houseplant coasters. Diatomaceous earth's absorbency makes excess water disappear, while the elegant design lends to your interior aesthetic.

3. Ditch Your Bathmat

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Fabric bathmats stay wet for hours at a time,
harboring dirt, germs, and bacteria
—even with regular washing. Ditch the dampness in favor of this non-slip stone bathmat made from diatomaceous earth. The mat dries instantly while giving your bathroom the elevated feel of an
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