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11 Grow-Ready Gifts for Your Favorite Plant Parents

Searching for the perfect present for a loved one with a green thumb? These gifts for plant lovers will guarantee growth year-round.

gifts for plant lovers
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Brightly Staff
A green thumb may take some time to develop, but once someone has discovered a passion for gardening or tending to
, the want of green is real. When it comes to investing in a plant lover, you're in luck: tools, accessories, and living additions abound.
Below, you'll find a selection of sustainable items designed to help
plant parents
tend to their collections. From a classic watering can to a tech-minded indoor garden, these gifts will keep your favorite plant lover's hobby growing strong.

11 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers in 2023

gifts for plant lovers

1. Seed Starting Peat Pot, $7

Those new can start simple—with a peat seed starter. These all-natural (and
) pots provide a perfect place to germinate seeds and can be planted directly into the ground, eliminating the need for messy transplants.
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2. Complete Gardening Tool Set, $130

Do you know someone who's getting serious about their relationship with plants? From repotting to pruning, this set provides every tool necessary for getting one's hands dirty.
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3. Basil Herb Garden Kit, $68

Grow stunning Genovese basil from the comfort of the kitchen with this convenient herb garden kit. All of the materials are responsibly sourced so that you can trust that any green thumb is green all the way.
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4. Gardyn Home Kit 3.0, $899

For the plant lover who has everything (and space to spare), Gardyn's Home Kit is a truly unique addition. This AI-powered indoor garden is designed to grow 30 plants year-round.
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5. Self-Watering Planter and Propagation Station, $59

This unique station allows for easy
. Install a mature plant in the main pot, place a cutting (or three) in the accompanying glass, fill with water, and let the growth begin.
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6. Wildflower Mix Seed Starter Kit, $20

This is a great opportunity to get the family in on the gardening action. Make nutrient-rich seed balls and plant them outside for pretty,
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gifts for plant lovers

7. Handmade Animal Planter, $64

Store your favorite succulents or smaller herb plants in this handmade, artisanal pupper. Each planter is made from natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of the coconut. Plus, every purchase empowers artisan communities in the Philippines.
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gifts for plant lovers

8. Watering Can, $8

A rust-resistant essential. The sleek and classic design keeps plants hydrated and doubles as decor.
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9. Lavender Herb Mini Growing Set, $16

Cultivate lavender on the windowsill. The easy-to-use kit will fill any home with the liveliness and aroma of lavender—and the perfect excuse to craft some
artisanal cocktails
(or mocktails)!
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gifts for plant lovers

10. Aloe Vera Plant, $20

A houseplant that doubles as a cooling, healing balm? We call that the perfect gift.
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11. Bird and Owl Plant Watering Dripper, $22

These feathered friends are handmade in Peru and offer houseplants the perfect amount of water—two ounces in a slow drip. Sure to keep even the most finicky plants happy (and make any space a touch more playful).
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