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Say Goodbye to Mildew—This Sustainable Stone Bath Mat Dries Right Before Your Eyes

The Terra Stone Bath Mat—made from diatomaceous earth—keeps your bathroom clean and eco-friendly. Here's how it fights off mildew and bacteria.

terra stone bath mat diatomaceous earth
Written by
Riley Baker
The bathroom is one of the most relaxing rooms in any home—or it should be. From
sustainable spa sessions
to a.m. and p.m. skincare routines, our bathroom sessions help us ground down and glow up. Unfortunately, the room also contributes to a fair amount of waste (no, not
that kind
The average American household uses more than 
400 rolls of toilet paper
 per year, and the water footprint that comes with our baths, showers, and products is enough to make said relaxation seem like an impossibility.
And did we mention the bacteria? Take your bath mat. The abbreviated rug stays damp for hours at a time, and unless
washed weekly
(and let's all be honest, that's not going to happen...) it harbors dirt, germs, and mildew.
But wait! What if we told you that there is a new brand of bath mat that dries instantly, minimizing the gross-out factor while maximizing your eco-chic? Say hello to the
Terra Stone Bath Mat
. Crafted from quick-drying diatomaceous earth, this mat makes your out-of-the-shower step a sustainable step forward.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

terra stone bath mat diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth isn't actually earth at all. Rather, the unique material is made of the
fossils of tiny aquatic organisms
. The skeletons of these diminutive aquatics, aka diatoms, are made of silica, and provide a non-toxic, regenerative, and generally sustainable to the bathroom rugs we've come to know.
terra stone bath mat

Terra Stone Bath Mat

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What Sets the Terra Stone Bath Mat Apart?

terra stone bath mat diatomaceous earth
Terra Stone Bath Mat
is extremely absorbent, managing to foster evaporation in mere seconds (like magic!). This leaves little time for mildew and bacteria to form and fester. Watch below as the footprints disappear right before your eyes:
@brightly.eco Our Terra Stone Bath Mat is the perfect solution for a quick-dry, natural, and eco-friendly bathtime experience. ✨ Made with high-quality diatomaceous earth, this non-slip bath mat is extremely absorbent, ensuring that excess water is quickly wicked away and your bathroom stays dry and clean. Elegantly and thoughtfully designed, it's perfect for use in any bathroom. Click the link in our bio to shop! 🛁 #livebrightly #bathmat #bathroom #bathproducts #bathroomredesign #diatomaceousearth #materials #quickdry #absorbent #terrastone #terra #stone ♬ smiles & sunsets - ultmt.
As far as aesthetics go, the bath mat's clean, sleek presentation helps in cultivating a
spa-like atmosphere
, the ultimate endgame for any at-home bathroom.
So what are you waiting for? Ditch the ratty bacteria-ridden rug and elevate your
bathroom game