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8 Cat-Safe Houseplants That Won't Raise a Whisker of Concern

Adorn your home with these non-toxic, cat-safe houseplants. Whether you yearn for a touch of the tropics or crave a whimsical atmosphere, there's a perfect pick for every space.

cat-safe houseplants
Written by
Riley Baker
cat owner
knows their feline friend is a curious creature. They scale the walls, are pro jumpers, and tend to get into anything and everything—especially things they're not supposed to. Plants are no exception, which is why it's important to ensure yours are
If you're looking to adorn your space with
vibrant greenery
, you have plenty of non-toxic, cat-safe houseplants to work with. Whether you're going for tropical vibes with a palm or want to get quirky with polka dots, it's all possible.
The next time you head to your local greenhouse, bring along this list of cat-safe houseplants that won't raise a whisker of concern.

8 Cat-Safe Plants for Your Urban Jungle

1. Spider Plant

cat-safe houseplants
The spider plant is one of the coolest-looking options to add to your space. It's also cat-friendly, so if your BFF decides to play with its foliage, they'll be A-okay. Keep its soil slightly moist and ensure it gets bright to moderate light, and it's sure to thrive.

2. Boston Fern

The cat-safe Boston fern will add a touch of the tropics to your space. Because of where it originates, it loves a humid environment with indirect sunlight, making it a
great option for a bathroom
. Hang it up in a sunny corner and enjoy.

3. Burro's Tail

Your cat and this plant have something in common—a tail. The burro's tail loves dry, sandy soil and only needs a heavy watering once a month, making it easy to care for.

4. Areca Palm

This pretty palm is another cat-safe plant for your home. Just be warned—it's a little more high-maintenance than other options. Because of that, always ensure it's getting enough water and bright, indirect sunlight.

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5. Zebra Plant

The zebra plant—known for its dark green leaves with white stripes—is a fun and quirky plant to add to your space. It prefers bright, indirect light and soil that's kept moist to the touch.

6. Orchid

cat-safe houseplant
Even orchids are safe for your cats. The pretty houseplant loves getting plenty of bright, indirect sunlight every day, a humid environment, and a good watering every 5-7 days.

7. Peperomia

The peperomia plant has plenty of personality. It's a compact option that's great for displaying on shelves or a table. Give it bright, indirect sunlight and water it every 1-2 weeks, ensuring it dries out between waterings.

8. Polka Dot Plant

cat-safe houseplant
With its spots and speckles, the polka dot plant is one of the most whimsical around. The cat-safe option likes moist—but never soggy—soil at all times, as well as bright, indirect light.