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Where to Buy Houseplants Online: 6 Plant Shops You'll Love

If you're wondering where to buy houseplants online, we have six options that won't disappoint. Here's why we love Horti, Rooted, and more.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

There's something so satisfying about being surrounded by all the greenery while browsing your local nursery or plant shop. But, houseplant shopping in person isn't always easy.

A lack of time, local options, or variety are all challenges you may face when trying to find the perfect plant baby to bring home. Thankfully, we have the internet—and there are plenty of places you can effortlessly shop for houseplants online with the tap of a finger.

The next time you're on the lookout for some new options to add to your collection, these online stores may be carrying the plant of your dreams.

Where to Buy Houseplants Online

1. Rooted

Rooted is dedicated to helping consumers become reconnected with nature by providing affordable, homegrown plants through their online plant store. From tropical foliage to desert beauties, it has just about every plant you could ever want.

The Sill understands that plants make people happy, and it's on a mission to demystify plants and make them accessible to everyone. With a wide selection of houseplants—adorable succulents to grand monsteras—it makes purchasing and plant care easy.

If you're looking to strengthen your relationship with plants, Bloomscape's the place to go. The plants are cared for by plant experts and arrive at your door looking healthy and vibrant. You even get customized care instructions and real-time expert support to guide you along your houseplant journey.

With all the options available, you'll find it incredibly difficult not to buy out all of Urban Stem's plants. Not only are the plants super cute, but they also work with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and invest in the people who work at them. Good to people and the planet? Count us in.

5. Horti

Can't seem to have enough plants at your place? Horti gets it. That's why it offers a plant subscription box that provides you with plants, as well as the tools and tips you need to give them the best lives. Whether you're just beginning to welcome plants to your home or are already a self-proclaimed plant expert, Horti has options for everyone.

What started out as just a couple of plant enthusiasts has now blossomed into an online store for everyone's plant needs. Soil & Clay carries a wide variety of plants to greenify your space. It even has a selection of pet-friendly foliage that's safe for your pup.

Now that you know where to buy houseplants, learn how to make a DIY planter:

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