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The Most Meaningful and Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lay Your Pet to Rest

Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend is hard. Read on for a selection of meaningful and environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest.

Written by
Diana Kurzeja
are our everything: companions, best friends, and loyal members of our family. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a heartbreakingly difficult time for pet owners, one that becomes even tougher when it comes time to plan for a funeral or burial. Seeing your pet into their next phase is a journey best taken with the planet in mind—which is why focusing on environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest is so important.
Traditional burials rely on wood, embalming fluid, and concrete, while cremation utilizes a
wealth of fuel
. Fortunately, there are many meaningful ways to lay your pet to rest while also being environmentally conscious and reducing your
carbon footprint
, from
to an eco-friendly burial.
To help ease the burden of planning your pet’s funeral, we’ve come up with a list of eco-friendly ways to honor your pet's passing.

Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lay Your Pet to Rest
1. Have an Eco-Friendly Burial

eco-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
If you want to have a burial for your beloved pet but are worried about the impact it can have on the environment, you can choose to have an eco-friendly burial at a pet-friendly cemetery.
Eco-friendly or green pet cemeteries use biodegradable burial boxes and eco-conscious
pest management
techniques to avoid attracting unwanted insects, making your pet's passing as thoughtful as its fun-filled life.

2. Opt for Pet Aquamation

is a clean alternative to cremation that uses modern technology to accelerate natural decomposition. This process is also known as alkaline hydrolysis and relies on water flow, alkalinity, and temperature to mimic a state similar to natural decomposition.

3. Use a Biodegradable Urn

eco-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
Photo: One World Memorials
Rather than buying an urn or casket made from materials designed to last, why not choose one crafted to decompose? Eco-friendly urns are completely
and safe for the planet, allowing your pet's remains to merge with the earth without harming any ecosystems in the process.

4. Compost Their Remains

Another sustainable way to say goodbye to your pet is to compost their remains. Companies like
use recomposition technology and composition pods to create compost from animal remains. The process is a gentle and eco-friendly way to honor your pet while also helping nourish the environment. 

5. Turn Their Ashes Into Sustainable Jewelry

environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
De Luna
A bit outside the box, but a beautiful (and sustainable) option nonetheless. If you want a keepsake to remember your four-legged friend by, you can turn your pet’s ashes into a beautiful
pet urn necklace
that will keep their memory with you forever.