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diy sugar scrub recipe
How to Make DIY Sugar Scrub at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try
Making your own self-care products eliminates unnecessary packaging and chemicals while saving you money. This sugar scrub recipe makes crafting your own sweet and easy.
reusable flex disc review
'I Used to Be a Tampon Devotee, but This Menstrual Disc Made Me Give Them Up for Good'
Curious about menstrual discs? Here's everything you need to know about the eco-friendly option before making your purchase.
sustainable perfume
A Breath of Fresh Air: How Natural Perfumes Are Prioritizing Sustainability
Perfume has the potential to be both deeply personal and a wholesale celebration of the environment. Here’s what’s going on in the world of natural fragrance.
sustainable natural scalp care
5 All-Natural Ways to Incorporate Scalp Care Into Your Routine
Scalp care is the skin-and-hair care combination you need to master in 2023. Here's what you should know.
natural skincare brands
8 Natural Skincare Brands to Make Your Shelfie More Sustainable
The beauty industry is catching on to the environmental merits of all-natural skincare. Here's what to look for—and what brands to shop.
sustainable rave accessories
8 Sustainable Accessories for the Modern Raver
The raver aesthetic is back—the abundance of plastic is not. Here's how to channel your inner raver, sustainably.
bath bomb recipe
How to Make Bath Bombs at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try
DIY beauty is the quickest route to a low-waste and all-natural routine. Get started with a foundational bath bomb recipe—and a few ideas to help you get even more creative with your self-care.
diy shower steamer recipe
How to Make Shower Steamers at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try
Lessen your waste (and keep your self-care sustainable) by going the DIY route with your products. These shower steamer recipes will help turn your routine into something far more spa-like.
diy hair mask
The Best Dermatologist-Approved Ingredients for Your DIY Hair Mask—Plus 7 Recipes to Try
Looking to enhance your at-home hair routine? These dermatologist-recommended, all-natural ingredients will take your DIY hair masks to the next level.
how to straighten hair without heat
Ditch the Electricity (and Damage): 5 Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat, According to a Hairstylist
Learning how to straighten your hair without heat increases the health of your tresses while decreasing your energy consumption. Here's where to start.
biodegradable soap
Everything You Need to Know About Biodegradable Soap
From protecting marine life to serving your skin, here's what you need to know about the benefits of biodegradable soap—and why you should make the switch.
slugging skincare trend
What Is the Viral Slugging Trend—and Is It Worth Trying?
The slugging skincare trend is everywhere right now. Here's how to go about it sustainably using petroleum-free products.
cameron diaz merit blush sustainable
Add to Cart: Cameron Diaz Swears By This Creamy Blush for a Sustainable Glow
The perfect sustainable blush *does* exist—just ask Cameron Diaz, who swears by Merit's multi-use Flush Balm for an everyday glow or girls' night out.
The Most Popular Drugstore Beauty Brands, Ranked From Most to Least Eco-Friendly
Wondering which drugstore beauty brands are the most eco-friendly? We ranked popular options to help you shop more sustainably.
diy face mask
The Best Dermatologist-Approved Ingredients for Your DIY Face Mask—Plus 7 Recipes to Try
Enhance the skincare benefits of your next DIY face mask with these dermatologist-recommended (and all-natural!) ingredients.
liquid plastics
What Are Liquid Plastics—and Why Are They in So Many Beauty Products?
There's a (not so) new problematic plastic in town. Here's what to know about liquid plastics—and how to avoid them.
plastic-free glitter
Plastic-Free Glitter Is Officially a Thing—and It's a Holiday Must-Have
Submission Beauty's commitment to sustainable makeup now includes plastic-free glitter, allowing you to indulge in holiday sparkle sans eco-guilt.
blake lively antique grandma manicure
Blake Lively's 'Antique Grandma' Manicure Is the Ultimate Fall Nail Look—Here's How to Recreate It Sustainably
Blake Lively's "antique grandma" manicure is officially taking over the internet. Here's how to do it yourself, sustainably.
hailey bieber glazed donut nails
Hailey Bieber's Glazed Donut Nails: Recreate the Look Sustainably
Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails look is easily emulated with these sustainable polishes. Here's how to master the trend.
self-care gifts
15 Sustainable Self-Care Gifts to Help Your Loved Ones Wind Down
Looking for presents that promote relaxation? These sustainable self-care gifts will help your loved ones chill out.
raw honey beauty benefits
5 Beauty Benefits of Raw Honey—and Healthy Bees
From pore decongestion to all-over exfoliation, raw honey is the skincare superpower you never knew you needed.
Stella McCartney Brings Her Spirit of Sustainability to a New Skincare Line
Like the rest of the brand's offerings, Stella McCartney Beauty showcases sustainability. Here's what you need to know.
How to Apply Concealer, According to Selena Gomez's Makeup Artist
Selena Gomez's makeup artist Melissa Murdick shares how to apply concealer like a pro, common mistakes, and eco-friendly concealers to try.
How to Exfoliate Skin Naturally, According to a Dermatologist
Dermatologist Dr. Claire Wolinsky, MD, explains the difference between natural and physical exfoliants and how to exfoliate skin naturally.
Sustainable Nail Care Tips From a Licensed Nail Technician
Eco-friendly manicures and pedicures are totally possible, and a licensed nail technician is sharing all her top sustainable nail care tips.
Expert-Approved Tricks That Help Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes
This two-second hack will help you get rid of dark circles under eyes in record time. It's also expert-approved!
Upcycled Beauty Is Becoming a #Shelfie Staple
Upcycled beauty products are becoming increasingly popular, with brands repurposing ingredients that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.
Next-Level Beauty Bars Are Making Low-Waste Skincare a Breeze
Beauty bars are now infiltrating the skincare scene, making it easier than ever to reduce the amount of plastic in our daily routines.
Refillable Beauty Has Made Its Way to Makeup Bags, Showers, and Beyond
Refillable beauty used to be hard to find. Now, it's coming to our makeup bags, showers, and beyond. Here are the brands to watch this year.
This Exfoliating DIY Lip Scrub Recipe Softens and Moisturizes in Seconds
Ready for silky-smooth lips? This DIY lip scrub recipe uses organic and natural ingredients to get rid of dryness the eco-friendly way.
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