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'I Used to Be a Tampon Devotee, but This Menstrual Disc Made Me Give Them Up for Good'

Curious about menstrual discs? Here's everything you need to know about the eco-friendly option before making your purchase.

reusable flex disc review
Written by
Kendall Harris
I’ve never been one to shy away from testing eco-friendly period products, from reusable pads and menstrual cups to my beloved period underwear. But I must say... I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the
Flex Reusable Disc
For starters, why switch to a menstrual disc over the tried and true alternatives like
Flex’s amazing menstrual cup
? Is a disc really more comfortable? How on earth am I supposed to get it in and out without making a mess? But to my surprise, this reusable disc was exactly what I needed. And it’s not as intimidating as it looks, promise.

Making the Switch

reusable flex disc review
After trying out the
Flex Reusable Disc
, I can confidently say I’m a lifer. First of all, I love the materials used. It’s made with 100% medical-grade silicone, which is made without BPA and phthalates and won’t disrupt your natural vaginal pH. I also love that it stays put: Whether I'm exercising, sleeping, swimming, or having sex, it doesn't move around or cause any discomfort.
Another thing that really surprised me was how many fewer cramps I experienced while using the disc. As a lifelong sufferer of endometriosis, I’m certainly not new to menstrual pain. But with the disc, there was a noticeable difference in the level of cramping I experienced. While I wouldn’t say they were gone entirely, I experienced a sizable improvement. I’m not alone, either: 60% of users report fewer cramps while using the disc. The science behind that is really cool: Unlike other period products that sit in the vaginal canal, the disc sits in the vaginal fornix. This eases pressure in the vagina.

Flex Reusable Disc

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“The lower third of the vagina is innervated by the pudendal nerve, which has more sensory fibers in it than the nerves innervating the upper portions of the vagina,”
Jane van Dis, MD, a board-certified gynecologist. “Many people who menstruate feel the pressure of a tampon expanding while cramping in their lower vagina cannot feel Flex in the upper vagina due to the differences in innervation and shape of the vagina, and then the shape of the respective products. Those with endometriosis pain could especially benefit from a product that does not exacerbate cramps.”
In terms of my flow, the 12-hour wear time makes life easy. As long as it’s inserted properly, the disc is completely leak-free. It holds up to six super tampons-worth of fluid, which means I can go about my day knowing I'll have fewer bathroom breaks. I also no longer have to worry about changing tampons every few hours, which is honestly one of the best perks of all.
My biggest fear was the process of inserting and removing the Flex Reusable Disc. Luckily, Flex thought of that when designing the product: It has a unique notch that creates a leading edge, making insertion and placement a breeze. In fact, when the disc is pinched in half, it winds up being around the same size as a tampon. (Aka a whole lot less scary.)
Even though it can hold a lot of fluid, I was shocked with how easy it was to remove thanks to the disc’s non-slip rim. It admittedly took a few tries to make removal totally mess-free, but by the end of my period, I felt like a pro. Plus, the long wear time allowed me to change and wash my disc in the comfort of my own home.

Final Thoughts

With so many great eco-friendly period products out there, you might be hesitant to try the
Flex Reusable Disc
because it's a little different from the norm—but take it from me. It's changed the way I think about and experience my period.
Aside from the disc being much more comfortable and effective than traditional period products, it’s also more sustainable. Since it’s reusable for up to 10 years, it's truly zero-waste, keeping hundreds of tampons and pads out of landfills. Not to mention save you a whole lot of money on costly period products.
If you’ve been looking to try a more planet-friendly option, start with the Flex Reusable Disc. What more could you ask for in a menstrual product?