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How to Make Shower Steamers at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try

Lessen your waste (and keep your self-care sustainable) by going the DIY route with your products. These shower steamer recipes will help turn your routine into something far more spa-like.

diy shower steamer recipe
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Showers are not typically thought of luxurious—that designation is reserved for baths. But a few simple shifts in perspective, and in practice, are all you need to transform your standard cleansing session into a full-on act of
. Step one? Shower steamers.
For Marta Tarallo, the creator of
Bottega Zero Waste
, at-home spa sessions are best enjoyed with all-natural everything, the choice eliminating synthetic additives and unnecessary packaging—so, she makes everything herself. Case in point: these shower steamers, the recipe for which
she shared on social
@bottegazerowaste Pop 2-3 of these on the shower floor and breathe the scent in 🧘😌🧖🏼‍♀️#bathbombs #showersteamers #steamer #naturalremedy #diybeauty #selfcaretips ♬ Lofi - Domknowz
Just two or three of the small and fizzy bombs transmute showering into an opportunity for aromatherapy and luxury. Plus, the recipe is easily adaptable, with selected essential oils offering energy, relaxation, or sinus relief (as exemplified by Tarallo), depending on need.
The base, though, remains the same—similar to a
bath bomb
, designed to be enjoyed by even the not-a-bath-person people among us. Here's where to start when making your own DIY shower steamers.

The Best DIY Shower Steamer Recipe

4 Tbsp baking soda
2 Tbsp citric acid
5 drops essential oil of choice
Water (about 2 small tsp)
1. Add ingredients to a glass bowl.
2. Mix well. Once combined, the mixture should have the consistency of humid sand. (It may fizz a bit, too!)
3. Spoon and press well into your mold. Let air dry for at least an hour.
4. Pop out of the mold.
5. Enjoy!

Silicone Muffin Mold

This reusable silicone mold isn't just for baking—it's also great for your DIY shower steamers.
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Ready for a more luxurious shower routine? These five shower streamer recipes will transform your routine clean into a full-on spa session.

5 Shower Steamer Recipes to Try Today

Bergamot Oil Shower Steamers

Start (or finish) your day on a sumptuous note with invigorating bergamot. The scent is said to
increase positive feelings
—a must for those struggling with
climate anxiety

Eucalyptus (and More) Shower Steamers

This calming and very pretty recipe is infinitely giftable. Eucalyptus combines with lavender and peppermint for shower steam that's soothing and sumptuous.

Rose Shower Steamer

Roses indicate romance
—even if the person you're doting on is yourself. Rose essential oil is blended with ylang-ylang to ease anxious minds and boost overall mood.

Citrus Shower Steamers

Brighten up your day with this citrus medley. Inhaling citrus scents make everything better, literally: effects are warming, encourage circulation and pulse, enhance mood, and more.

Lemon Lavender Shower Steamers

For those who want it all, lavender and lemon meet to calm and invigorate. Get ready for a shower that chills you out while lifting you up.