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15 Sustainable Self-Care Gifts to Help Your Loved Ones Wind Down

Looking for presents that promote relaxation? These sustainable self-care gifts will help your loved ones chill out.

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extreme weather
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, and more, our collective
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is real—and so is the need for self-care. That's why, this holiday season, the perfect present is an eco-minded item that promotes relaxation.
Below, you'll find a selection of sustainable goods designed to elevate any wellness routine. From bath bombs to body oil to anxiety-quelling cards, these self-care gifts increase the chances of chilling out.

15 Self-Care Gifts for a Relaxing Holiday

1. Ettitude 100% Bamboo Hair Towel, $34

Save time with this super absorbent eco-friendly 100% Bamboo Hair Towel that’s gentle on hair thanks to an exclusive and sustainable waffle weave fabric.
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2. Kate McLeod Solid Body Moisturizer, $45

Featuring a nourishing blend of natural butters and oils, this solid moisturizer is crafted without water, dilution, or synthetics, and comes in a reusable (and refillable) bamboo canister 
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3. Hack Your Nervous System: Anti-Anxiety Deck, $25

Alleviate your climate (or general) anxiety with the pull of a card. This deck uses a psychological approach to cope with stress through meditation and other useful calming practices. 
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4. Vintage Inspired Bath Bomb Trio $32

These handmade bath bombs are wrapped like Victorian love letters. Toss into your tub for a bit of soothing luxury, or leave them on your bathroom counter for some romantic decor.
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5. Wildling Aura Stone, $79

De-puff and drain your lymphatic system with this Gua Sha tool. The varied edges allow for use on face, neck, arms, and legs.
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6. Supergoop! Glow Oil SPF 50, $38

Keep that summertime feeling all year round with this non-greasy body oil. The antioxidant-rich formula offers a luminous finish, SPF protection, and welcome moisture.
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7. Bamboo Hair Brush, $20

This bamboo hairbrush is a zero-waste alternative to hairbrushes made with synthetic materials. Plus, the material is naturally resistant to water damage.
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8. Collapsible Foam Roller, $70

Take that decompression session on the go with this collapsible foam roller. Stretch muscles, alleviate knots, and help release physical tension from the body.
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9. Orbits Eye Stones, $20

Reduce puffiness and give your eyes a break from screen-staring with this set of eye stones. Stash them in the refrigerator for an extra chill effect.
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10. Recovery Shower Steamers Set, $24

Who says your morning shower can't be decadent? These aromatic steamers elevate the experience with reinvigorating oils.
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11. Goop G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush, $25

At-home exfoliation—and increased circulation—is easy with a dry brush. This unsung self-care step will leave users with glowing, energized skin.
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12. Panga Copper Tongue Scraper, $10

A cleaner and more refreshed mouth is just a few tongue scrapes away! This handy tool leads to fresher breath and stimulated taste buds.
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13. True Botanicals At-Home Facial Mask Trio, $145

Any bathroom can become a spa with the right face masks. This trio allows your giftee to sample True Botanicals' offerings, the better to choose their fave!
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14. Brooklyn Made Natural Soap Saver Bag, $5

This soap saver bag makes saving (and using) soap scraps a breeze. Made from natural sisal fibers, it also provides a gentle full-body exfoliation.
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15. Healing Everyday Balm, $30

We love a multi-purpose product. This balm's all-natural formula can be used to moisturize, tend to cuticles, treat cuts and blisters, and more.
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