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Plastic-Free Glitter Is Officially a Thing—and It's a Holiday Must-Have

Submission Beauty's commitment to sustainable makeup now includes plastic-free glitter, allowing you to indulge in holiday sparkle sans eco-guilt.

plastic-free glitter
Written by
Calin Van Paris
holiday season
is all about that shimmer. Twinkling lights, starry nights, and refractive makeup moments make the stretch between December 1 and New Year's Eve a particularly shiny time. Unfortunately, all that glitters is usually plastic—which is why
Submission Beauty
's plastic-free glitter is a seasonal must.

What Is Plastic-Free Glitter?

Most glitter is crafted from
aluminum and plastic
, its carefree wear contributing to our
problem once it's removed from your face or washed down the drain. Submission Beauty has a solution, and it doesn't involve giving up on your commitment to playful sparkle.
"We’ve replaced the plastic base used in standard glitter with a base made with cellulose from eucalyptus trees," says Zenia Jaeger, Submission's founding president and managing director. "Standard glitter is simply microplastic by a different name and we wanted to show that zero-plastic can be both fun and have a luxury feel to it." The glitter is biodegradable, too, boasting
TÜV's OK biodegradable WATER
certification. "So you're not harming the earth when rinsing your makeup," says Jaeger.
In addition to its plant-based makeup, the glitter is housed in a glass container topped with a recyclable tin cap and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable Clay Coated Newsback printed with soy-based ink. "Everything we do, from the product to our packaging to our shipping materials, are zero-plastic," says Jaeger.

How Do You Wear Plastic-Free Glitter?

For Jaeger, glitter is a day-or-night sort of thing, its application depending only on your mood. December calls for a red lip topped in coordinated glitter, while a subtler dusting is ideal for year-round whimsy.
"Because the glitter is
, the product has a more sophisticated aesthetic and a softer feel," says Jaeger. "I use it in the inner corner of the eye, under the brow, and sprinkle a bit on my cheekbones to get that extra highlight effect."
The best part about plastic-free glitter? It helps everyone shine. "The feedback from our community has been amazing and I truly hope that other brands and manufacturers will follow," says Jaeger.