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How to Make Bath Bombs at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try

DIY beauty is the quickest route to a low-waste and all-natural routine. Get started with a foundational bath bomb recipe—and a few ideas to help you get even more creative with your self-care.

bath bomb recipe
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Calin Van Paris
season is a year-round kind of thing. From a.m. makeup to p.m. skincare, workout regimens to time spent in nature, tending to our bodies and minds demands a certain kind of dedication—and, hopefully, elicits relaxation. If you need a bit of extra help achieving a state of unwind, this simple bath bomb recipe may be the key to elevating your at-home (and low-waste!)
spa day routine
Marta Tarallo of
Bottega Zero Waste
is committed to the art of self-care, sans all the unnatural ingredients and unnecessary packaging. Plus, she has the perfect DIY bath bomb recipe for beginners, the how-to serving as a springboard for anyone who wants to master the molds.
@bottegazerowaste Are you also a #bathbomblover 😍 #zerowaste living does not mean you need to give up on #selfcare 😌#diyrecipe #bathbomb #bathbombdiy ♬ Burnin - Petit Biscuit
This floral-shaped foaming version—shared on Tarallo's
and Instagram—provides a perfect foundation for those looking to develop their own bath bomb recipe, leaving room for customization to suit needs and tastes.
Looking for something more soothing than sudsy? Swap the sodium cocoyl isethionate for oats. For an energizing boost, opt for citrus essential oils, or reach for lavender or chamomile to aid in your evening unwind.

Silicone Muffin Mold

This reusable silicone mold isn't just great for baking—it's also perfect for your bath bomb recipes.
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The Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe

4 Tbsp baking soda
2 tsp citric acid
2 tsp of either sodium cocoyl isethionate (for bubbles) or ground oatmeal (for soothing)
1 tsp sweet almond oil or light oil of choice
6 drops essential oil of choice
Water (about 2 small tsp)
1. Add all ingredients to a glass bowl.
2. Mix well. Once fully combined, the mixture should form a soft solid when pressed in your hand (no crumbling!).
3. Spoon and press well into the mold of your choice. Let air dry overnight.
4. Pop out of the mold.
5. Gift, or enjoy yourself!
Should you need further inspiration, we've got you covered. Read on for five bath bomb recipes to make—whether for your own use or as the perfect DIY gifting item.

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5 Bath Bomb Recipes to Try Today

Lavender Bath Bomb

Relaxing for the mind and soothing to the skin, lavender is a bathtime mainstay. The addition of dried lavender bulbs takes this bath bomb recipe to the next level—and makes it irresistibly giftable.

Matcha Bath Bomb

Mom Foodie
Everyone loves
—even in the tub! The green tea's anti-inflammatory properties couple with detoxing Epsom salt for a holistic and healing respite. We love the idea of a biodegradable muffin liner for molding and presentation.

Lemon Coconut Bath Bomb

Tone and hydrate skin and enjoy an instant energetic boost with this unique bath bomb recipe. A blend of brightening and astringent lemon is balanced by moisturizing coconut—a perfect option for fans of the morning bath.

Rose Petal Bath Bomb

Romance yourself with a rose-infused bathing ritual. Rose petals are beautifying in addition to beautiful, soothing skin and providing anti-bacterial bacteria to
quell breakouts
and redness.

Activated Charcoal Bath Bomb

bath bomb recipe
Hello Glow
These black bath bombs are chic enough for display on your bathroom counter. When plopped into your next bath, activated charcoal will detoxify skin, removing impurities and improving texture.