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Ditch the Electricity (and Damage): 5 Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat, According to a Hairstylist

Learning how to straighten your hair without heat increases the health of your tresses while decreasing your energy consumption. Here's where to start.

how to straighten hair without heat
Written by
Calin Van Paris
For those prioritizing
hair health
, heat is the enemy. Though ceramic straighteners, curling wands, and blowdryers cranked to the highest heat may deliver smooth and shiny styles, the long-term beauty cost is broken strands, frizz, and a generally dull finish.
Those styling tools also come with an energy toll, too: hairdryers, for example, require
600 watts of electricity
to run for just 30 minutes. For these reasons and more, mastering the art of heatless hair is a worthy beauty goal—and if you're wondering how to straighten hair without heat, you've entered the right chat.
"Curly and wavy hair tend to have less moisture than straighter textures, so heat styling can strip your hair of its natural oils causing it to feel drier than it normally would," says hairstylist
Tiffani Patchett
Beauty Supply
salon. "Using little to no heat in conjunction with hydrating hair products will help to revive your hair if it has been overly processed due to the use of hot tools."
Opting for heatless hair may not be the most dramatic sustainable swap, but considering that the move benefits your beauty and the planet, learning how to straighten hair without heat is a sensible goal. Here, five ways to get smooth, straight lengths minus the high temperatures.

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5 Simple Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

1. The Wrap Method

The best-loved means of straightening hair without heat? Wrapping it up. Start with detangled, very wet hair. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or oil and use the fine teeth of a comb or a boar's hair brush to wrap your hair around your head, pinning as you go. Let dry completely before releasing your lengths.
For incredibly curly hair, Patchett suggests topping your wrap with a silk scarf to minimize frizz.

2. Brush and Brush

how to straighten hair without heat
Eliminate texture by brushing, brushing... and then brushing some more. After applying a favorite leave-in conditioner, brush your hair with a boar's hair brush, using tension to pull your natural wave straight. Pause, allow to partially air dry, and continue the process until fully dry.

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3. Wet Set

how to straighten hair without heat
A time-honored technique for styling curly or coarse hair, the wet set is all about styling your mane while it's still damp—essentially the key to heatless hair.
Apply your go-to mousse to wet and detangled strands before wrapping tautly around velcro rollers. Allow hair to dry completely for the smoothest possible results.

4. Use the Cool Setting

how to straighten hair without heat
If you can't imagine breaking up with your blow dryer, switching from hot to cold air can do wonders for hair health. Patchett suggests using a concentrator nozzle, switching to the cool setting, and blowing out hair with a paddle or round brush, using tension to level any unwanted texture.
"This method will take longer than with heat, so make sure your hair is fully dry before stopping because if any moisture is left your curl will revert and the hair will get frizzy," notes Patchett.

5. Sleep On It

how to straighten hair without heat
Whether you favor the wrap or the wet set, opting for an overnight approach is best the route to straight and shiny hair. The extra time, along with the weight of your head on the pillow, will promote a flattened finish.