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10 Nonprofits to Support on Giving Tuesday and Every Day
Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to support your favorite nonprofits. Here are 10 Brightly staff picks to start with.
fast food ranking
The Most Recognizable Fast Food Chains, Ranked From Most to Least Sustainable
We ranked the most ubiquitous fast food chains, including McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell, from best to worst in terms of sustainability.
natural skincare products acne
6 Natural Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin
If you have acne-prone skin, give these natural skincare products a try. They're soothing, gentle, and eco-friendly.
taylor swift sustainability
Taylor Swift's Sustainability Résumé: The Pop Star and the Planet
We're looking back at Taylor Swift's moves in the sustainability sector—from disaster donations to allegedly excessive private jet use.
15 Zero-Waste Products to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey
Being more eco-friendly is easy with these zero-waste products. Here's the swaps you need to kickstart your sustainability journey.
don't worry darling sustainability
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Don't Worry Darling' and 1950s
The world of Don't Worry Darling finds couples in the idyllic town of Victory where they live life 1950s-style. And rather sustainably.
The Truth About Shein: How Sustainable and Ethical Is the Fast Fashion Brand?
Does Shein use child labor and unfair working conditions? An investigation into how sustainable and ethical Shein is.
Butter Boards Are the New Charcuterie Boards—Here’s How to Make One Sustainably
A new entertaining trend has emerged ahead of the holidays: the butter board. Here's how to make one sustainably.
Are Glass Wine Bottles Bad for the Environment?
Glass wine bottles are a time-honored part of the wine industry. Unfortunately, they're also an environmental menace. Here's why.
How to Wear a Fanny Pack: 6 Ways to Style the Crossbody Bag
Learn how to wear a fanny pack like a pro, whether you're running errands, grabbing dinner, or heading to a workout.
14 Hispanic-Owned Sustainable Brands to Support Now and Always
Supporting Hispanic-owned sustainable brands is a simple way to uplift the community during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond.
Sustainability Entrepreneur Jeffrey Hollender Talks Greenwashing and the Need for Corporate Transparency
Jeffrey Hollender has built a career in the sustainability space and observed the evolution of the language and greenwashing that defines it.
Secondhand Shopping Is Trending—But Is It Still Sustainable?
Moves like buying in bulk and reselling fast fashion items take some of the sustainability out of secondhand shopping, finds new report.
Footwear's Footprint: How Sustainable Is the Shoe Industry?
A look into the footwear industry's carbon footprint, issues with unsustainable materials, and waste. Plus, positive changes being made.
The Best Sustainable Kitchen and Home Labor Day Sales 2022
Shop the best eco-friendly home and kitchen Labor Day sales of 2022 from Our Place, Uncommon Goods, and more.
The Best E-Bike Conversion Kits for Upcycling Your Ride in 2022
If you're not quite ready to invest in an electric bicycle, these e-bike conversion kits allow you to upcycle your regular ride.
How Your 'Hot Girl Walk' Benefits You and the Planet
From slowing down to staying (and shopping) local, the Hot Girl Walk trend is a study in accessible sustainability.
How Solar Energy Works and Its Environmental Benefits
Here's your guide to how solar energy works, how it compares to fossil fuels, and the environmental benefits you should know about.
Sustainable Photography Guide: 5 Simple Changes to Make Today
While photography is a relatively low-impact practice, it can be made even more sustainable with a few extra considerations.
Tumbleweeds Are a Surprising Problem for the Planet—Here's Why
Tumbleweeds are an invasive plant species that can contribute to a number of environmental problems. Here's what you should know.
The Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Brands, Ranked From Most to Least Sustainable
We ranked top celebrity makeup brands, including Kylie Cosmetics, Honest Beauty, and REM Beauty, from best to worst in terms of sustainability.
The Ins and Outs of Building a Climate-Friendly Business from Scratch
Julia Collins, founder of Planet FWD and Moonshot, shares what goes into starting a planet-friendly business from scratch.
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of ‘Stranger Things’ and the 1980s
The world of Stranger Things finds the gang fending for themselves and making eco-minded moves in the process.
Cicadas Lifespan: How Long Do Cicadas Live?
If you've ever wondered how long cicadas live, you're not alone: Periodical cicadas possess one of the longest lifespans of any insect.
sustainability documentaries
7 Best Sustainability Documentaries to Watch in 2022
These sustainability documentaries won't just pull at your heartstrings—they'll inspire you to take action. Here are seven to start with.
The Environmental Impact of Periods: History, Waste, and Sustainable Options
Every month, 1.8 million people menstruate—which results in a lot of waste. This is the environmental impact of periods and how to make them more sustainable.
9 Jobs in Sustainability That Can Help Change the World
Whether you're figuring out your career path or want to make a switch, these jobs in sustainability help make the world a better place.
6 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Barbecue This Summer
You can have a more sustainable barbecue this summer by using these simple tips, including choosing an eco-friendly grilling method.
Don’t See Eye to Eye With Your Partner About Climate Change? You’re Not Alone
Looking for ways to have conversations about sustainability with your partner? Look no further! We'll be discussing how to breach the topic and incorporate more eco-friendly habits into your day-to-day life as a couple.
Your Old Mascara Wands Can Be Used to Help Save Wildlife
Instead of tossing non-recyclable mascara wands in the trash, donate them to animal rescue organizations. Here's how they save wildlife.
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