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13 Best Thrift Stores in Denver for Stylish, Standout Pieces

Breweries and hiking trails are better when visited in vintage. Here are the best thrift stores in Denver to get your secondhand fix.

best thrift stores in denver
Written by
Riley Baker
, and... vintage? As it turns out, Colorado's capital boasts a noteworthy thrifting scene, with the best thrift stores in Denver housing retro gems and gently used pieces that are easy on the environment.
Denver's secondhand landscape provides ample opportunity for visitors and locals alike to embrace the power of shopping sustainably—and at incredible prices, too.

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The fashion industry is undeniably fun, but unfortunately, it also comes with a sizable footprint. New clothing comes with a wealth of
, is responsible for
20% of all industrial water pollution
, and, with the onset of
fast fashion
, is filling
, too. As such, adding secondhand items to your wardrobe (and your home) is a stylish, ethical, and affordable choice.
From throwback boots to party dresses to denim to concert tees and even activewear, shopping the best thrift stores in Denver is an eco-friendly step for any shopper.

13 Best Thrift Stores in Denver, Colorado

Thrift Cult

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Thrift Cult/
Location: 2936 Larimer St.
A medley of vintage pieces and items from local artisans awaits you at Thrift Cult. The Cult (as insiders call it) is located within a women-owned collective, and is a worthy place to direct your dollar.

2. Atomic Salvage

Photo: Atomic Salvage/
Location: 1309 N Marion St.
Atomic Salvage is a small but mighty space, housing a curated collection of both vintage clothing and housewares. You'll find must-have items from the 60s, 70s, and beyond, as well as pieces that have been upcycled with
block-printed designs

Garage Sale Vintage

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Garage Sale Vintage/
Location: 1445 Larimer St.
Sip while you shop sustainably at this bar/vintage shop. Garage Sale stocks pieces from the 1960s through Y2K along with western wear, vinyl, and more.

La Lovely Vintage

Photo: La Lovely Vintage/
Location: 42 N Broadway
At La Lovely Vintage, modern clothes and homewares feature alongside secondhand items from the 1940s onward. In addition to clothes, jewelry, and accessories, look for incense,
, and more. It also has one of the best collections of Levi's you'll ever see.

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Boss Vintage

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Boss Vintage/
Location: 10 S Broadway
Tauted as Denver's oldest vintage store, Boss Vintage features an abundance of retro tees, ample denim, and true vintage pieces from eras past. Bonus: All of Boss' pieces are locally sourced!

Arc Thrift Store

Photo: Arc Thrift/
Location: 1515 S Broadway
Arc's mission is to employ people—including those with developmental disabilities—throughout Colorado. Your secondhand purchases support this cause while improving your close collection.

Mercer Place

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Mercer Place/
Location: 1388 S Broadway
Located at the end of Antique Row, Mercer Place houses a selection of eccentric secondhand and provides an opportunity for shoppers to consign clothes, too.

Goldmine Vintage

Photo: Goldmine Vintage/
Location: 227 Broadway #102
A playful array of period pieces await you at Goldmine. Stock up on visibly vintage dresses, vests, and more, all guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.

Rags Consignments

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Rags Consignments/
Location: 201 University Blvd #120
A curation of men's and women's consignment features at Rags. To ensure that its secondhand approach stays sustainable, items that are consigned by not purchased are donated to a selection of charities and area organizations.

Regal Vintage

Photo: Regal Vintage/
Location: 1866 S Broadway
Furniture, collectibles, accessories, and clothing for cheap prices in a buoyant atmosphere? Sign us up! Swing by Regal for a reminder that your stylish sessions should be fun, too.

Meek and Modern Vintage

best thrift stores in denver
Photo: Meek and Modern Vintage/
Location: 2901 Blake St. #160
Meek and Modern is a one-stop shop for your home, closet, self-care, and finishing touches. Vintage and modern jewelry, home items, and clothing are available, along with products for hair, skin, and more.

Strawberry Mountain

Photo: Strawberry Mountain/
Location: 825 Santa Fe Dr.
Buy, sell, and trade at Strawberry Mountain. The store buys all eras but keeps seasonality in mind, aiming to lend well to all styling approaches: minimalist and

The Ten Penny Store

Photo: The Ten Penny Store/
The Ten Penny Store is a true mom-and-pop vintage shop that houses carefully-curated clothing and accessories (including so many epic tees) from the 1900s to the 1990s. You'll also find records and other knick-knacks you'll be dying to bring home with you.