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Los Angeles Is Getting a Costco With 800 Apartment Units—Here’s How High-Density Projects Help the Planet

A Costco topped by 800 apartments could be coming to Los Angeles. The concept is an example of high-density development, which could help protect our planet.

la costco apartments
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Do you love wandering the aisles of
? Do you yearn for the superstore's sample? Do you crave that farewell pizza slice? Your
dream apartment
is being conceptualized, and it's in South L.A.
Thrive Living
announced plans for a mixed-used complex set on five unused acres in Baldwin Hills, the project consisting of a Costco topped by 800 apartment units.
"Our company is focused on addressing the severe housing affordability crisis in Los Angeles while also attracting retailers willing to make long-term commitments and deliver community-serving products and services that enrich the living experience for our residents and neighbors,” said Thrive Living's Jordan Brill in a recent press release.
The news sparked a conversation defined by bafflement, humor, and interest on social media. (One
Twitter user
even heard dwellers may even get room service for pizza and hot dogs.) But it turns out that high-density projects like this may, in fact, be an important step toward a better future for our climate and our planet.

What Is High-Density Development?

la costco apartments
High-density building blends residential living with retailers, commercial units, and more, allowing people to live, work, and shop in close proximity. The models are all about convenience, providing a tidy alternative to urban sprawl as our population continues to grow.
The development style
mirrors a changing world
, one defined by households of single parents and persons, childless couples, and more for whom dynamic neighborhoods and close-by community makes more sense than isolated living. High-density living also boosts economies and lends to affordability, providing more housing supply to meet the ever-increasing demand.

How Do High-Density Projects Help the Environment?

Though perhaps less appealing than the idyllic, sustainable homestead of your daydreams, high-density projects help the planet, too. Mixed-used buildings mean more walking and public transit options along with less commuting, leading to a reduction in emissions and
improved air quality
. Concentrated infrastructure also
protects farmland
and natural areas from further development.
According to the
, this reduction in land consumption also protects watersheds and water quality, thoughtful, community-minded building allowing developers to protect open space, create buffers that protect wildlife and vital ecosystems, and more.
The takeaway? While the concept of having Costco's hotdogs delivered to your door is admittedly ridiculous, the building itself isn't so crazy. As we evolve to meet the needs of a changing climate, shifting the way we think about where and how we live will be difficult yet crucial. There's never been a better time to trade judgment for a broadened perspective.