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Lily Collins' Sustainability Résumé: The Actor and the Planet

With the new season of 'Emily in Paris' out, we're looking back at Lily Collins' moves in the sustainability sector—from luxury rentals to an eco-minded honeymoon.

lily collins sustainability resume
Written by
Riley Baker
It can be difficult to separate actors from their most iconic characters. Case in point: Lily Collins, aka Emily Cooper of Emily in Paris.
s saccharine, playful, and fashion-filled series came to us during quarantine, and the collective love of the show's extravagance is clear: when season two premiered last year, Netflix clocked
107.6 million hours
of viewing in its first five days. And though Cooper leans into luxury fashion without much thought into how her purchases impact the planet, Collins pays a bit more attention.
To mark the release of Emily in Paris season 3, we're looking back at Collins' moves in the sustainability sector—from
designer rentals
to vintage hunting to an eco-minded honeymoon.

The 5 Most Noteworthy Items on Lily Collins' Sustainability Résumé

1. An Experiential Honeymoon

lily collins sustainability treehouse
Photo: Instagram/@lilyjcollins
Collins married Charlie McDowell in September 2021, and the couple's wedding was followed by a Scandanavian honeymoon that centered on sustainability.
As showcased by time spent at Swedish Lapland's
—a luxury treehouse stay that highlights nature and features
eco-friendly incinerator toilets
that the trip was experience-driven, including "these incredible places that are very eco-friendly and about sustainability, embracing nature, and what is indigenous to the area.”

2. Luxury Rentals

Photo: Instagram/@lilyjcollins
Collins recently joined actor Nina Dobrev
in funding
luxury rental company
, which allows members to shop a closet of designer handbags and accessories.
The female-founded brand represents another step in the resale and sharing space, allowing customers to borrow and experience aspirational items with no specified return date.

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3. Vintage Shopping

lily collins sustainability
Photo: Instagram/@lilyjcollins
Like many, Collins is a fan of
vintage clothing
. While the actor used to favor pieces
from the '70s and '80s
, she now sees vintage as an opportunity to build out her own wardrobe, the better to mix and match era apparel.

4. Climate Education

Photo: Instagram/@lilyjcollins
The 2021 CBS special
Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change
featured changemakers like U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and, yes, Collins.
The actor participated in the hour-long show, which honored Earth Day through environmental education designed to encourage children to become better environmental stewards.

5. Sustainable Accessories

lily collins sustainability
Photo: Instagram/@lilyjcollins
Though Cooper may favor stilettos, Collins has
been spotted
, sustainable sneakers crafted from plastic bottles—and far more in keeping with her laidback looks.