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Taylor Swift's Sustainability Résumé: The Pop Star and the Planet

We're looking back at Taylor Swift's moves in the sustainability sector—from disaster donations to allegedly excessive private jet use.

taylor swift sustainability
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Brightly Staff
Taylor Swift
is ubiquitous. Whether you identify as a Swiftie, harbor a distaste for the pop star's music, or fall into a camp of indifference, there's no escaping TSwift and her endless stream of bops. And while the singer is vocal around certain social issues—a list which now includes politics, a conversation she entered in recent years—when it comes to environmentalism, her track record is not quite as strong as her iconic track lists.
To mark the release of Midnights, her tenth studio album, we're looking back at Swift's moves in the sustainability sector—from eco-influencing to disaster donations to allegedly excessive private jet use.

The 6 Most Noteworthy Items on Taylor Swift's Sustainability Résumé

taylor swift sustainability

1. Wildest Dreams Donation

Swift's video for the 2014 hit
Wildest Dreams
features an Out of Africa theme, replete with safari scenes and wild animals. In a final frame, Swift pledges any proceeds from the video to animal conservation efforts through non-profit
African Parks Foundation of America

2. Lover Collection with Stella McCartney

With the release of Swift's 2019 album Lover came a collaborative
capsule collection
Stella McCartney
, a designer known for her environmentally-minded vision and approach.

3. Vintage on British Vogue

For her 2019 British Vogue cover, Swift wore archival Chanel, a choice of editor-in-chief Edward Enninful.
To his mind
, opting for a vintage piece spoke to bettering the planet by investing in fashion that lasts, rather than seeing style and clothing as disposable.

4. Nashville Tornado Relief

After a tornado devastated Nashville, Tennessee in 2022—a city that Swift calls home—she donated $1 million toward relief efforts. (She also donated after the 2010 Nashville flood.)

5. Jet Set Jet Lag

News of irresponsible celebrity private use—and accompanying wealth of CO2 emissions—surfaced this summer, with Swift topping the list of offenders.
The artist's representatives
clapped back
, saying that Swift's jet is regularly loaned out and that she herself is not wholly responsible for the
reported 9,000 tons of emissions
(!), but the damage was done in more ways than one.

6. Sustainable Wardrobe Staples

Swift has seemed to add sustainable staples to her wardrobe in recent years. In October 2022, that was a
cozy Reformation sweater
crafted using 90% recycled cashmere. She's also been spotted in vintage items, like the dress she rocked in
this photoshoot
for the LA Times.