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The Best E-Bike Conversion Kits for Upcycling Your Ride in 2023

If you're not quite ready to invest in an electric bicycle, these e-bike conversion kits allow you to upcycle your regular ride.

best e-bike conversion kits
Written by
Andrea Hill
When it comes to sustainability, bikes are superior to cars—no
, A to B transport, and fitness in a two-wheeled contraption. But about
electric bicycles
Unlike traditional bicycles, which are powered by legs alone, e-bikes—and those who ride them—get some help from a rechargeable battery. And while they do emit some carbon (roughly 2.5 to 5 grams per mile),
one study
 found e-bikes have the capability to reduce car CO2 emissions by 24.4 million tonnes. In short, an e-bike is an environmentally-friendly option for getting uphill or across town.
In this case, though, eco doesn't mean cheap. Fortunately, a hack exists in the form of an e-bike conversion kit.
If you're not quite ready to make a $1,000+ investment—and you're already the owner of a good old-fashioned bike—you can enjoy the benefits of an e-bike without dishing out for an entirely new method of transportation. E-bike converters are a convenient and much cheaper way of transforming your current bike into an electric one with batteries, motorized wheels, controls, and more.
is always a winning option. Here, four e-bike conversion kits to help you upgrade your ride.
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The Best E-Bike Conversion Kits to Shop in 2023

Bafang Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit
, $282

Transform your beloved bicycle into a speedy e-bike in under an hour with this top-rated conversion kit. It includes a drive motor, front wheel, battery pack, and video installation assistance.

What Reviewers Say:

1. Great on Hills
"The 500W motor is great and probably more than I need to get up any hills. I'm 245 lbs and I'm touring with a total weight of about 400 lbs. I rode it through Texas Hill Country and had no trouble getting up the toughest hills."
2. Best for Those With Experience
"If you're used to working on bikes and install this on a typical hybrid, you'll find it amazingly easy. But I feel for the 'physicist' one-star reviewer; it doesn't matter how smart you are. If you don't already know where bikes have reverse threads, this isn't going to be easy at all."

eBikeling Waterproof E-Bike Conversion Kit
, $390

best e-bike conversion kits
Enjoy electrified rides in all types of weather with the help of this waterproof conversion kit, which works on either your front or rear wheel. And, because we're in tech territory, the LCD display will alert you when it's time to charge up again.

What Reviewers Say:

1. Great for Commuting
"The kit is nice to use for commuting. There are a number of different ways to use the motor. I find the thumb level useful for navigating intersections and blind sections of trails. However, for long straights, the cruise-control feature is quite nice. One setting on the LCD allows you to monitor current draw, so with the cruise control set, you can contribute by pedaling and see how much assist you're getting (or how much current you're saving with your pedaling)."
2. Helpful Customer Service
"eBikeling is the best company I have ever (EVER!) purchased a product from. I’m handy but not skilled in bicycle conversions. Not a problem. Anytime I had a question, I called eBikeling; they told me what to do or where to find the information and always and completely solved my problem."

Voilamart 26-Inch Rear E-Bike Conversion Kit
, $298

This kit comes with everything you need for a full conversion of your rear bike wheel. Those with a need for speed, rejoice: Riders can use up to seven different speeds with Voilamart's Pedal Assist System.

What Reviewers Say:

1. Super Fast
"Is it fun? Yes! Oh, the gobs of torque at the flick of your wrist throttle. Is it fast? Yes and yes, at 35 mph easily on flat roads."
2. Easy to Install
"Easy to assemble kits. Built a few of these and all performed great. I'm very happy with the price point of these and the power."

AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit
, $279

e-bike conversion kits
Suitable for both regular bikes and mountain bikes, this e-bike conversion kit has hand breaks that shut off the motor automatically,
saving energy
. It's also easy to install, with numerous reviewers saying the process was a breeze. The main downside? It doesn't have a Pedal Assist System.

What Reviewers Say:

1. Quick Installation
"I must say it was so easy to install that I felt like I missed something. I even installed two torque levers just to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems with rounding out the forks, and it's been great."
2. No Pedal Assist
"The only thing missing in the controller is lack of a pedal assist option, which is why I'm giving it a '4.' But the thumb twist controller is really good."