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minimalist lifestyle
3 Reasons to Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle, According to an Expert
Dara Zycherman, owner of Less Equals More, helps clients adopt a more minimalist lifestyle that's sustainable in more ways than one.
how to keep rabbits out of garden
5 Ethical Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden
Rabbits love vegetation. Here's how to keep rabbits out of your garden safely and sustainably.
We Tried Countless Vegan Ice Creams—Here Are the 8 Winners
Summer may be over, but these vegan ice cream options can be enjoyed year-round. Here are the best non-dairy ice cream brands to try.
best thrift stores in las vegas
11 Best Thrift Stores in Las Vegas for Eye-Catching Treasures
The best thrift stores in Las Vegas make honoring the city's old-meets-new appeal easy and fun. Here's where to stop and shop.
how to clean stove top
How to Clean a Stove Top: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Learn how to clean your stove top, be it electric or ceramic glass, to ensure the appliance stays in use (and out of landfills) for longer.
how to store ginger
5 Easy Ways to Store Ginger So It Lasts Longer
Want to keep your ginger fresh and prevent food waste? Here are five ways to store ginger so that the root lasts for as long as possible.
can you recycle plastic easter eggs
Can You Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs? How to Dispose of Them Responsibly
With Easter coming up, you may be wondering: Are plastic Easter eggs recyclable? Here's how to dispose of them responsibly.
natural easter egg dyes
How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes with Fruits and Veggies
Learn how to make natural Easter egg dyes using avocado skins, onion peels, and other fruits and veggies you already have.
how to clean used clothes
How to Clean Used Clothes So They Look Brand New
Want your thrifted clothes to look good as new? Use this guide to learn how to clean used clothes in four simple steps.
how to find free plants
How to Find Free Plants: 6 Simple Ways to Add to Your Collection
Free plants are easy to find. Here are some no-cost ways to add to your collection, from attending plant swaps to planting food scraps.
controlled burns benefits
Not All Wildfires Are Bad: How Controlled Burns Can Be Medicine for the Land
Deborah Landau, the Director of Ecological Management at The Nature Conservancy, has worked on more than 100 prescribed burns. Here's what she has to say about the beneficial Indigenous practice.
carbon footprint easter dinner
This Is the Carbon Footprint of Your Easter Dinner
Curious about the carbon emissions associated with your Easter feast? We broke it down for you and calculated the average carbon footprint of an Easter dinner.
almost empty jar recipes
5 Delicious Recipes You Can Make in an Almost-Empty Jar
Instead of washing out an almost-empty jar, use the last bits of food to whip up these recipes. There's salad dressing, dessert, and more.
vegan chicken recipe
Vegan Chicken: What It's Made Of, How to Make It, and Brands to Try
Meatless meals just got easier with vegan chicken. Here's what it's made of, brands to try, and a vegan chicken recipe to make at home.
extrapolations apple tv
'Extrapolations' Uses Sci-Fi to Address the Very Real Potentials of Climate Change
'Extrapolations' from Apple TV+ imagines a near-future world that has been altered dramatically by the effects of climate change.
how to clean shoes
How to Clean Shoes: A Guide to Cleaning Leather, Cloth, and More
Whether you want to sanitize thrifted shoes or clean suede, cloth, or leather shoes you already own, here's how to clean shoes like a pro.
how to have an eco-friendly easter
8 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Easter, From Candy to Decor
Here's everything you need to know to have an eco-friendly Easter celebration, from dyeing eggs to filling Easter baskets.
desert animals
8 Desert Animals You Should Know About, From the Sand Cat to Kangaroo Rat
Desert animals are adapting to climate change, just like other animals like polar bears and tigers. Here are nine adapting desert animals.
sustainable natural scalp care
5 All-Natural Ways to Incorporate Scalp Care Into Your Routine
Scalp care is the skin-and-hair care combination you need to master in 2023. Here's what you should know.
how to make cashew milk
How to Make Creamy Cashew Milk at Home in 5 Simple Steps
If you're looking for a cashew milk recipe that's even creamier than what you'll find at the store, this one is a must-try.
sustainable spring cleaning
5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning More Sustainable
Spring cleaning is great—mindful spring cleaning is better. Here's how to make your annual declutter a planet-friendly task.
plastic easter eggs alternative
Why to Ditch Plastic Easter Eggs—and the Eco-Friendly Alternative Worth Trying
Plastic Easter eggs may be pretty, but they're not sustainable. Here's why you should switch to fillable paper eggs this season.
allergy season climate change
Grab a Tissue: Allergy Season Could Be Starting Early Due to Climate Change
Research shows climate change could have an impact on pollen season. Here's everything you need to know before the sniffles start.
best zero waste products for sustainable living
15 Zero-Waste Products to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey
Being more eco-friendly is easy with these zero-waste products. Here's the swaps you need to kickstart your sustainability journey.
how to collect rainwater
Everything You Should Know About Collecting Rainwater
Learning how to collect rainwater is a sustainable solution to your gardening woes. Here's what you need to know to get started.
best zero waste stores
9 Best Zero-Waste Stores in the United States
Reducing your daily waste and becoming a more conscious consumer is a lot easier when the stores are in on the action. These zero-waste stores will help you shift your shopping habits.
solar energy benefits
How Solar Energy Works and Its Environmental Benefits
Here's your guide to how solar energy works, how it compares to fossil fuels, and the environmental benefits you should know about.
11 Best Thrift Stores in San Diego for Sunny Day Staples
San Diego is known for its warm weather and endless beaches. Shopping the best thrift stores in San Diego will make sure that you're outfitted for the occasion.
are elephants endangered
Are Elephants Endangered in 2023?
They may be one of the strongest animals on Earth, but are elephants endangered? Here's what you need to know.
vegan feta recipe
This Vegan Feta Recipe Is the Perfect Eco Cheese Swap
Swap your feta cheese crumbles for this vegan feta recipe to help the planet. All you need is tofu, a jar, and a few other ingredients.
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