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Read our most recent articles covering eco-friendly lifestyle tips, climate change information, zero-waste recipes, animal news, and sustainable trends, and more.

how to make something less salty food
Don't Toss Out Your Meal: Here's How to Fix Food That's Too Salty
Don't toss your oversalted food! Use these easy tips and tricks to save something that's way too salty.
organic baby clothes
16 Organic Baby Clothes Items to Keep Wardrobes Sustainable and Stylish
From eco-minded cotton to nickel-free snaps, these organic baby clothes make your little one's wardrobe stylish *and* sustainable.
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This October
Autumn means longer nights. Here are three celestial events to watch for in October 2022.
nuclear waste
Could Nuclear Waste Be a Sustainable Solution to Our Energy Needs?
Rather than a problem, nuclear waste could be the best solution we have to both meet our energy needs while also protecting the environment.
best vegan restaurants nyc
10 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City
Headed to the Big Apple? Here are the best vegan restaurants in New York City for all your plant-based cravings.
Are Hemp Sheets the Secret to a Good Night's Sleep? 5 Sustainable Options to Try
Hemp is a sustainable alternative to other bedding options on the market. Here are the best hemp sheets to try in 2022.
how many diapers do i need
How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need?
New parents or parents-to-be have one question in mind: how many diapers do I need? Here's the answer—plus how to save money and reduce waste.
city trees global warming
The Shade Provided by Your City’s Trees May Diminish With Global Warming
A new study found tree and shrub species in 150 countries around the world could be killed due to global warming.
what happens to garbage at landfill
What Happens to Your Trash After It Goes to the Landfill?
Tossing trash is a mindless habit that comes with a heaping handful of consequences. Here's what happens to your garbage when it goes to the landfill.
are flushable wipes flushable
Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable? The Answer Might Surprise You
Flushable wipes sound like a dream. But the unfortunate reality? Flushing them can cost you thousands in repairs and harm the environment.
how to keep tomatoes fresh
6 Simple Ways to Keep Tomatoes Fresh for Longer
Sick of rotten tomatoes? Here are six easy ways to keep your tomatoes fresh for longer, saving you money and reducing waste.
rings of power sustainability
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Rings of Power' and Middle-earth
The world of Rings of Power finds the inhabitants of Middle-earth honoring the land and making use of what they have.
overnight oats
How to Make Overnight Oats, 2022’s Favorite Plant-Based Breakfast
Here's how to make customizable (and seasonal) overnight oats—the ultimate healthy and decadent on-the-go breakfast.
6 Sustainable Items in Dakota Johnson’s Closet
Channel Dakota Johnson's signature style with these six eco-friendly items directly from her aspirational wardrobe.
We Tested 6 Different Laundry Pods—Here Are the Best Sustainable Options for Your Home
The new guard of sustainable laundry pods cleans your clothes sans environmental harm. These are our favorites.
The Flowers Left by Queen Elizabeth II’s Many Mourners Will Be Composted
With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II came endless attention and flowers spread around the capital. But what happens to those blooms now?
11 Mouth-Watering Ways to Use Leftover Mashed Potatoes
You can turn leftover mashed potatoes into anything! Here are some recipes for soups, cinnamon rolls, and more.
Your Cat Can’t Be Vegan—Here’s Why
Considering raising a vegan cat? Think again. Read on to learn why a plant-based diet isn't a healthy choice for your feline friend.
Stella McCartney Brings Her Spirit of Sustainability to a New Skincare Line
Like the rest of the brand's offerings, Stella McCartney Beauty showcases sustainability. Here's what you need to know.
Butter Boards Are the New Charcuterie Boards—Here’s How to Make One Sustainably
A new entertaining trend has emerged ahead of the holidays: the butter board. Here's how to make one sustainably.
5 Prefab Tiny Homes You Can Buy Online (Starting at $5,000!)
Prefab tiny homes reduce your environmental footprint along with your square footage. Here are five you can buy online now.
Sip Your Favorite Fall Drinks From These Chic Reusable Mugs
Reusable coffee cups help eliminate waste. Here are the best eco-friendly mugs to hold your favorite fall drinks.
23 DIY Fall Décor Ideas Made From Upcycled Materials
Get ready for fall with these DIY fall décor ideas featuring upcycled materials found in and around your home.
Gracias Madre’s Jackfruit Mixiote Tacos Are a Must for Your Menu Rotation
A new cookbook from Gracias Madre highlights the restaurant's plant-based approach to Mexi-Cali cuisine. Read on for a recipe!
Not Sure How to Clean Faux Leather? Bookmark This Handy Guide
Looking to lengthen the lifespan (and improve the appearance) of your vegan leather items? Read on to learn how to clean faux leather.
What’s a SCOBY? Here’s What to Know—Including How to Grow Your Own to Make Kombucha
What is a SCOBY? Here's what you need to know about the kombucha essential—from ingredient details to how to grow your own.
16 Non-Toxic Baby Toys to Make Playtime Safe and Fun
From recycled plastic submarines to play gyms crafted from natural wood, these non-toxic baby toys make play fun, safe, and sustainable.
Remy Park Wants Your Vegan Lifestyle to Feel Creative and Fun
Remy Park's plant-based recipes are designed to make a vegan lifestyle feel accessible, creative, and fun.
The Founder of Patagonia Just Gave Away His Company in Support of Environmental Causes
Patagonia founder and longtime nature-lover Yvon Chouinard is combatting climate change by giving away his company.
Treat Yourself: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Spa Day at Home
Want to indulge in some self-facing TLC in the spirit of sustainability? Here's how to have an eco-friendly spa day at home.
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