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environmentally friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
The Most Meaningful and Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lay Your Pet to Rest
Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend is hard. Read on for a selection of meaningful and environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest.
diy closet organizer
10 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas, No Plastic Bins Needed
Looking to get your closet under control? Skip the unnecessary plastic bins in favor of these DIY closet organizer ideas.
diy dog bed ideas
8 DIY Dog Bed Ideas That Use Materials You Already Have
Save money and reduce waste by making your furry BFF a DIY dog bed using upcycled materials like old sweatshirts, side tables, and drawers.
eco-friendly valentine's day
5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day, From Gifting to Getaways
Love is even more romantic when it's sustainable. Here's how to enjoy an eco-friendly Valentine's Day.
matcha industry sustainability
What to Look for When Buying Sustainable Matcha, According to an Expert
Matcha has become the darling of morning routines. Here's how to make a sustainable purchase the next time you want to sip the popular beverage.
best thrift stores in atlanta
11 Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta for Affordable and Eco-Friendly Finds
Aiming to embody the fashionable flavor of the South? Visit the best thrift stores in Atlanta to step into your new style—sustainably, of course.
flax egg substitute shortage
Sick of Rising Egg Prices? Try This Thrifty (and Eco-Friendly) Replacement
The country is in the midst of an egg shortage. This plant-based flax egg substitute is the perfect way to supplement your baking needs.
The Best Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts to Give in 2023
Looking for some eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts your friends or partner will love this year? Start with this helpful guide.
eco-friendly bedroom swaps
7 Sustainable Bedroom Swaps That Reduce Waste While Keeping You Cozy
On a mission to make your bedroom a more sustainable space? From eco-friendly sheets to organic mattresses, these swaps will help.
outdoor activities for kids
15 Outdoor Activities for Kids That Will Nurture a Love of Nature
It's never too early to start nurturing a child's connection to nature. These outdoor activities for kids are easy, accessible, and incredibly beneficial.
best matcha powders sustainable
8 Sustainable Matcha Powders for Your Morning Caffeine Kick
Looking for sustainable matcha options to kickstart your morning? Shop these eco-friendly brands.
best nature documentaries
10 Heartwarming Nature Documentaries to Add to Your Must-Watch List
Cancel your weekend plans. These must-watch nature documentaries are insightful, funny, informative, and inspiring.
can you eat banana peels
Can You Eat Banana Peels? The Answer May Surprise You
Don't let fiber-packed banana peels go to waste. Here's how and why to eat banana peels, according to a registered dietitian.
inflation reduction act green tax credits
These Government Credits Can Help You Go Green—Here's How
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 comes with a series of environmental credits that are available right now. Here's what you should know.
thrifting tips
How to Thrift: Tips and Tricks, Straight From the Experts
Need a little guidance in the thrifting department? Three experts shared their thrifting tips to help you get the most out of your trips.
max la manna stir fry
Max La Manna’s Vegan Tofu Noodle Stir Fry Will Become Your Favorite Weeknight Dinner
Max La Manna’s vegan stir fry recipe is sure to be the perfect solution for a quick weeknight dinner. Here's exactly how to make it.
dryer balls guide
How Dryer Balls Save Money—and the Planet
Dryer balls are the key to soft clothes and minimal waste. They also save you money. Here's how to use them.
cutest animals in the world
13 Cutest Animals in the World You Have to See to Believe
Need a reason to smile? The cutest animals in the world are here to provide the ultimate mood boost.
how to reduce carbon footprint
6 Impactful Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, According to an Expert
Graham Hill is something of an environmental vanguard. Here are six things he and his company, the Carbonauts, recommend doing immediately to reduce your carbon footprint.
vegan tuna recipe
This Vegan 'Tuna' Recipe Utilizes a Surprising Ingredient
You can make vegan tuna using—wait for it—a watermelon. This simple recipe can be used for sushi, poké bowls, and beyond.
how to wash cloth diapers
How to Wash Cloth Diapers Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide
Cloth diapering can be intimidating. Here's how to wash cloth diapers and reduce your baby's waste-centric waste.
best thrift stores in dallas
11 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Funky Vintage Finds
Everything is bigger in Texas—including its vintage scene. Read on to discover the best thrift stores in Dallas.
self-care tips
5 Self-Care Tips Everyone Needs, From a Mental Health Coach
Stress can crop up at any time of year. Mental health coach Julie Geeting of PALM Health has some self-care tips that will help.
the biggest insects in the world
11 of the Biggest Insects in the World That Will Take Your Love of Nature to the Next Level
We like big bugs. The world's biggest insects include giant butterflies, beetles, and stick insects.
how to wear a flannel
How to Wear a Flannel—Plus 7 Sustainable Options to Style
Flannels provide a comfortable and eye-catching means of elevating an outfit. These looks (and the sustainable shirts) will help to kickstart your styling.
diy hair mask
The Best Dermatologist-Approved Ingredients for Your DIY Hair Mask—Plus 7 Recipes to Try
Looking to enhance your at-home hair routine? These dermatologist-recommended, all-natural ingredients will take your DIY hair masks to the next level.
mini meditations and mantras
Mini-Meditations and Mantras Are the Quick Calming Hack You Need
Mini-meditations and mantras are trending. Here's how they can help quiet your mind (and calm your climate anxiety).
antarctica wildlife
65% of All Antarctic Wildlife Could Disappear by 2100—Here's How You Can Help
A new study finds wildlife in Antarctica will experience a rapid decline in the coming decades. Here's what you need to know.
cat tree ideas
7 DIY Cat Tree Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use
Your cat needs to climb. These DIY cat trees allow you to create space for your feline friends using upcycled, accessible materials.
eco-friendly bathroom swaps
8 Sustainable Bathroom Swaps That Reduce Waste and Save Money
Looking for eco-friendly bathroom swaps to help improve your everyday environmental impact? You've come to the right place.
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