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vegan air fryer donut holes recipe
You Can Make These Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes in Your Air Fryer
Looking for a healthy plant-based dessert? These vegan chocolate donut holes can be made in your air fryer in under 10 minutes.
7 Vegan Hearts of Palm Recipes That Prove the Veggie is the Ultimate Seafood Swap
Heart of palm is the sneaky plant-based secret to getting your vegan seafood fix. These hearts of palm recipes—from lobster to calamari—won't disappoint.
food expiration dates
The Truth About Food Expiration Dates, According to a RD
Understanding food expiration dates can help reduce food waste. Here's everything you should know, according to a registered dietitian.
eco-friendly and sustainable memorial day sales
The Best Memorial Day Sales From Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brands
If you're shopping Memorial Day sales, keep being a conscious consumer in mind by supporting eco-friendly and sustainable brands.
dog friendly plants
7 Dog-Safe Houseplants to Add to Your Indoor Jungle
Certain plants can be toxic to our animal friends. Have this list of dog-friendly plants on hand before visiting your local greenhouse to create a pet-friendly oasis.
clean beauty routine
How to Successfully Transition to a Clean Beauty Routine, Step by Step
Choosing to upend your beauty routine can be intimidating, but here's how to get started on your clean beauty journey.
best hikes in colorado
7 Best Hikes in Colorado That Will Leave You in Awe
From otherworldly arches to sand dunes to crystal-clear lakes, these are the best hikes in Colorado for all your future adventures.
cauliflower alfredo sauce
Have Cauliflower That’s About to Go Bad? Use It in This Vegan Alfredo Sauce
This creamy and delicious cauliflower Alfredo sauce recipe is a great way to use up the nearly-bad produce in your fridge.
how to make seed bombs
How to Make Pollinator-Friendly Seed Bombs for Your Backyard Bees
Making seed bombs can be beneficial to bees and other pollinators. Learn how to go about it, step by step, with these simple instructions.
nature crafts for kids
8 Nature Craft Ideas for Kids, From Mobiles to Suncatchers
Spend some quality time with your little one making these nature crafts for kids that utilize materials you can find on your outdoor adventures.
How to Propagate a Plant: Everything You Need to Know
Learning how to propagate a plant is easy. Here's everything you need to know—plus the easiest plant to get started with.
ways to save money 2023
7 Money-Saving Tricks You Haven't Thought of Yet
Penny-pinching is easy when you have these money-saving tricks up your sleeve. They don't just boost your bank account—they also benefit the environment.
17 Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes to Try, From Jackfruit Taquitos to French Toast Sticks
These vegetarian air fryer recipes are delicious and good for the planet. Here's how to make cauliflower wings, avocado fries, and beyond.
Watt’s Up With Hydropower? How We Can Harness Nature’s Energy Source for a Greener Future
Hydropower, also known as hydroelectric power, is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy in the world. Here's how it can help shape a greener future.
seasonal produce guide
Seasonal Produce Guide: Which Fruits and Veggies Are in Season Right Now?
Shopping for seasonal produce is great for the planet. Here's your guide to which fruits and veggies are in season right now.
9 Best Thrift Stores in Seattle for Finding Hidden Gems in the Emerald City
Shop the best thrift stores in Seattle for can't-beat secondhand finds, from one-of-a-kind home goods to vintage clothing gems.
how to store lemons and limes
How to Store Lemons and Limes So They Stay Fresh for Over a Month
Tired of watching your citrus go to waste? Here's how to store lemons and limes so they stay fresh for over a month.
how to store mushrooms
7 Ways to Store Mushrooms So They Stay Fresh for Longer
Sick of slimy, discolored mushrooms? Here's exactly how to store mushrooms so they'll stay fresh for longer.
15 Asian-Owned Sustainable Businesses to Support Now and Always
Supporting Asian-owned businesses is a simple way to uplift the AAPI community during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and beyond.
can you eat mango skin
Can You Eat Mango Skin? Here's What a Registered Dietitian Says
Don't toss out your mango peels. They're completely edible (and good for you!), and there are so many different ways to put them to use.
tofu recipes
11 Tofu Recipes to Try, From Chocolate Silk Pie to Lasagna
These tofu recipes prove you can turn the plant-based protein into anything. You'll find tofu donuts, lasagna, cookies, and more.
are candles bad for you
Are Candles Bad for Your Health? Here's What an Expert Says
Is burning your favorite candle bad for your health? Here's what you should know before lighting that wick, including how to buy better-for-you options.
how to store onions
6 Genius Ways to Keep Onions Fresh for Longer
Tired of bruised onions? Here are six easy ways to store your onions to keep them fresh for longer, saving you money and reducing waste.
hummingbird facts
7 Hummingbird Facts That Will Leave You in Awe of the Winged Wonders
Hummingbirds are remarkable in many ways. Learn about different species, how to attract them to your yard, and hummingbird facts that will make you even more of a fan.
nature walks for kids
How to Take a Nature Walk With Kids (Plus a Free Printable Activity!)
Nature walks can deepen your child's connection with the environment, improve concentration, spark creativity, and more. Learn how to make the experience a memorable one.
plant-based diet benefits
How a Plant-Based Diet Benefits Your Health and the Environment
A plant-based diet benefits both your health and the environment. Here's everything you should know, according to a registered dietitian.
sustainable living tips
7 Sustainable Living Tips That Prove Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference
When it comes to saving the planet, small daily actions add up. Avoid the eco-overwhelm with these sustainable living tips that make an impact.
how to keep bananas fresh
6 Simple Ways to Keep Bananas Fresh for Longer
Bananas seem to turn brown overnight. Here's exactly how to keep bananas fresh for longer to prevent food waste and save money.
how to revive wilted lettuce
Don't Toss Out Your Wilted Greens! This Trick Revives Lettuce in Minutes
Wilted greens often get tossed in the trash. Reduce food waste by using this hack that revives lettuce in minutes, making it crunchy and delicious once again.
plant-based cindo de mayo recipes
17 Delicious Planet-Friendly Recipes to Make for Cinco de Mayo
Eco-friendly Mexican recipes, coming right up. Here are the most delicious options to make for Cinco de Mayo, from enchiladas to nachos.
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