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5 Fun Ways to Reuse Pumpkins After Halloween
There are so many ways to reuse pumpkins after Halloween. Here are five creative options, from having a spa day to using it as a plant pot.
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Learn how to make a crochet tote bag using old plastic grocery bags instead of yarn in six easy steps.
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natural fabric dye using food scraps and plants
How to Create Natural Fabric Dyes Using Food and Plants
Using plants, fruits, and more to create natural dye is both creative and environmentally friendly. Here's an introduction to the ancient practice.
6 Projects for Upcycling T-Shirts, from Produce Bags to Doormats
Want ideas for upcycling t-shirts? Here's how you can transform a t-shirt into a plant hanger, cat tent, potholder, and more.
11 Creative Ways to Upcycle Jeans You No Longer Want to Wear
Here are some creative and fun ways to upcycle jeans. Instead of tossing them out, you can turn them into a purse, coasters, and more.
11 DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space
These DIY wall decor ideas are both fun and eco-friendly. Here's how to decorate your space to save money and the planet.
How to DIY Textiled Wall Art with Thrifted Finds for Under $10
Textile wall art can be expensive. Instead of buying new, DIY your own from upcycled materials! Here's how to do it, step by step.
9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas for a Sustainable Celebration
Reduce waste on your big day by making these DIY wedding decor ideas with materials you already have around your house.
This Pillow Cover Hack Requires Nothing But a Holiday Blanket
Want to give your throw pillows a festive touch? This Christmas pillow cover hack requires nothing but a holiday blanket.
9 DIY Decor Ideas You Can Make from Things Around the House
Looking for eco-friendly DIY home decor ideas? You can upcycle these items with things you already have around the house.
7 Easy Ways to Upcycle Clothes and Better the Planet in the Process
Don't toss out your worn-out tees! Learning how to upcycle clothes is easy. Use these fun ideas to transform your old clothes.
Upcycle Your Wine Corks Into a Space-Saving Set of Wall Hooks
This is such an easy way to use up any leftover wine corks you have. It's great for organization, too!
Ditch the Plastic and Make These Newspaper Seedling Pots Instead
Why use plastic pots when you can make eco-friendly seedling newspaper pots instead? Here's how to do it, step by step.
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You can make a DIY pin board with an old rug and cardboard. Here's exactly how to do it, step by step.
Tips and Tricks for Recycling Cardboard Boxes
The recycling process can actually be confusing. Here's everything you need to know about recycling cardboard.
How the Food Industry is Beginning to Upcycle Foods
Upcycled food is a new and exciting sustainability trend that is leading the food industry in its mission to reduce and repurpose food waste.