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9 DIY Decor Ideas You Can Make from Things Around the House

Looking for eco-friendly DIY home decor ideas? You can upcycle these items with things you already have around the house.

Written by
Asha Swann

If there are two things we love, it's DIY projects and upcycling. And when you combine the two? Even better.

The power of upcycling is unmatched. One of the best ways to better the planet is to utilize what you already have. So why not upcycle something that would have gone into the trash? We've already tried DIY furniture ideas that keep waste out of landfills, and now it's time to create some DIY home decor projects, too.

First, take a look at what you have at home. If you're still missing something, a quick trip to a local thrift store is a great place to find it. Old rugs, yarn, and picture frames might not look like much at first, but with a little TLC, they can be transformed into your new favorite home decor items. Here are the perfect projects to get you started.

9 DIY Home Decor Ideas to Try

Have an old rug on hand? DIY expert Tina Le shared instructions on how to transform it into a cute pin board. Simply attach a dowel with some string, and make it studier with cardboard. It's the perfect weekend project!

This DIY project is so easy, you can do it in just a few minutes. All you'll need is a leftover coconut, some soil, and a plant. (Grab some suggestions here!) You can also add some minimalist carvings to your planter for an extra touch.

If you've accidentally started a collection of jars that you have no idea what to do with, try this fun project. Macrame is a versatile art form that involves tying knots and strings together to make something amazing. This is the ideal craft for propagation: just stick the little sprouts in the jar and you've got some cute decor!

Thrift stores and estate sales are a perfect spot to find gorgeous vintage teacups. Sometimes they get donated because they're no longer part of a matching set or it's no longer safe to drink from. That's where this perfect weekend project comes from: You can turn a teacup into an eye-catching candle to display.

If you have so many plants that you're tripping over them, this is the ideal project for you. If you make some macrame plant holders, you can hang them from a metal clothing rack.

A DIY wreath makes for a great DIY home decor project because it's so easily customizable. You can add macrame, florals, leaves—really anything that fits your personality and the feel of your space.

This DIY project looks so impressive, but it's surprisingly simple. All you'll need is a bucket of water, the spray paint sitting in your garage, and bowls. That's it! After they dry, you have some pretty home decor items to display things in.

With a little fabric paint and spray paint, you can create a unique vase that matches your decor. You don't have to be a pro artist, either: easy geometric shapes and lines are perfect for this.

Turn your empty photo frames into some unique with this DIY home decor project. By using poster board, masking tape, and paint, you can create this minimalist geometric painting.