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8 Unique Experience Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Experience gifts allow you to give friends and family a new skill, hobby, or activity. Here are some of our favorites.

experience gifts
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Brightly Staff
Gift shopping
can be tricky. We’ve all wandered the aisles of department stores in search of the perfect gifts for our loved ones—and sometimes, we come up short. Instead of settling on a present you’re not sure about, try giving the gift of experience. 
Experience gifts allow you to give your family members or friends a new skill, hobby, or activity to participate in. Plus, gifting an experience helps decrease packaging waste, shipping costs, and the amount of
returned items
that wind up in landfills. Considering
57% of Gen-Z and Millennials
have returned an unwanted gift, there's no better time than now to try something new.
Whether your loved ones are into
, or crafts, there's an experience gift for everyone. Here are some of our favorites.

The Best Experience Gifts for 2022

1. World Wildlife Fund Species Adoption Kits

Have an animal lover in your life? As a thank you for a donation in support of WWF’s global conservation efforts, you can choose a symbolic species adoption kit. There are more than 100 species to choose from, ranging from
polar bears
to gentoo penguin chicks. All donations made through the gift catalog come with an adoption certificate and a color photo card with information about the adopted species. When you donate more than $60, you’ll receive an (adorable) soft animal plush of your choosing.
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2. DIY Boba Tea Experience

Is someone on your list a fan of boba? Well, now they can learn how to make it at home! This set from Brightly x MILK+T, LA's beloved boba tea shop, includes a pouch of boba, black tea, brown sugar, and a tumbler and straw—everything your giftee will need to make their favorite drink right at home.
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3. Airbnb Experiences

Did you know you can gift someone with a fun Airbnb Experience? There are so many one-of-a-kind activities to choose from—options that are both in-person and online. You'll find animal encounters (like farm sanctuary visits!), hikes, cooking classes, and more.
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4. Virtual MasterClass

For someone who loves to learn, MasterClass has a class—and all-star teacher—for just about everything. Your giftee can learn to sing with Christina Aguilera, cook with
Gordon Ramsay
, and even learn about conservation... straight from
Dr. Jane Goodall
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5. Organic Gardening Kit

If you know someone who has an interest in gardening, this kit from Brightly x Modern Sprout is a great place to start. The set includes a terracotta vessel, Genovese basil seeds, a coco net pot, pruning shears, a Swedish dishcloth for easy cleanup, and more.
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6. Groupon Experiences

Like Airbnb, Groupon also offers unique experience gifts. You can buy your recipient a workout class,
spa day
, ticket to a concert, and more. Whatever they have an interest in, you're sure to find it.
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7. Uncommon Goods Macramé Class

In this 120-minute class, your recipient can learn how to put together a cute macramé holder that allows them to carry
wine bottles
, fruit, and beyond. The purchase includes both the supplies and the class.
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8. The Sill Plant Parent Workshop

plant parents
in your life will love this gift! The Sill offers virtual plant care workshops year-round to discuss
how to care for houseplants
. Your recipient can attend Monstera 101, Winter Plant Care, and more. New classes are added each week.
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