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9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas for a Sustainable Celebration

Reduce waste on your big day by making these DIY wedding decor ideas with materials you already have around your house.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

Weddings can be incredibly wasteful, with each producing an average of 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. One of the best sustainable wedding tips for making your big day more planet-friendly? Using what you already have to make eye-catching DIY wedding decor.

From upcycled place cards that utilize terracotta planter trays to whimsical hanging vases made from old light bulbs, these DIY wedding decor ideas are sure to make your guests do a doubletake. Here are some of our favorite projects to replicate.

9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas to Try

Not sure what to do with burnt-out light bulbs? Turn them into beautiful hanging vases for your wedding! Attach them to twine, fill them with water and your flowers of choice, and hang them in your venue.

This is such an easy (and pretty!) way to display photos at your wedding. It also upcycles the hula hoop that's been collecting dust in your garage.

You can create the prettiest wedding entrance sign by utilizing a vintage frame you already have, or looking for one at a thrift store. Then all that's left to do is press some flowers between the glass and write your message on it.

When you attach upcycled glass bottles to stakes and fill them with pretty flowers, you get a whimsical walkway for your big day.

Not sure how to utilize all the wine corks that have built-up while wedding planning? Use them to create place card holders!

Make use of all the terracotta planter trays you have and turn them into beautiful place cards. When you hand-paint guests' names on them, they become one-of-a-kind decor.

If you're a plant lady, put your skills toward creating this "LOVE" sign from upcycled wood and succulents. After the wedding is over, you can repot the succulents to enjoy in your home.

Upcycle pieces of linen by dyeing them with food scraps like avocado skins. You can use this technique to make your placemats any color want so they match the rest of your decor.

Is there anything more eco-friendly than using leaves in your centerpieces? Paint glass bottles your color of choice using these instructions, then fill each vase with a leaf. It's a creative way to display your table numbers.