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How to DIY Textiled Wall Art with Thrifted Finds for Under $10

Textile wall art can be expensive. Instead of buying new, DIY your own from upcycled materials! Here's how to do it, step by step.

Written by
Asha Swann

From the famous salmon and rice bowl to baked feta pasta, so many great ideas pop up on TikTok. Now, a new project for crafters is catching attention: DIY textile wall art.

Textile wall art has become super popular and—not surprisingly—pretty expensive. (Some companies are charging over $400!) Thankfully, we've found the perfect upcycling hack the betters the planet and saves you money. All you need is an old rug (or another textile you already have on hand), your paint of choice, and adhesive glue.

You may be wondering why it's important to upcycle textiles, as opposed to recycling or donating them. Well, while recycling textiles and donating old clothes can be beneficial to the environment and people, many items still end up in a landfill.

Textiles such as mismatched napkins, worn-out rugs, or slightly damaged fabrics are less likely to sell at thrift stores and will likely get thrown away. To give these items a new life, try this DIY textile wall art project.

Liv, the lifestyle TikTok user behind @livinwithmb, shared the simple way she made textile wall art of her own. Even cooler? She did it using a vintage frame she found at a thrift store and a bath mat. While she chose to buy a new mat, go the used route for a more planet-friendly project.

"The possibilities are endless," she said in a recent video. "You can use pillowcases, table runners, placemats, bathmats—any fun textured materials you'd like. Get creative!"

When you reuse these old textiles, you're adding creative DIY home decor to your home and keeping these items out of the trash. It's a win-win!

DIY Textile Wall Art

What You Need:

An old bath mat, rug, or another textured textile
An old frame that's larger than the textile
Paint (optional)


1. Pick your favorite textile. This can be something you have at home, or something you find at a thrift store. Try a handmade napkin, a bathmat, or even parts of an old sweater with a fun pattern.
2. If you don't already have one, buy a picture frame or framed art from a thrift store. Be sure it's larger than the textile you wish to frame.
3. Pull out any excess backing or staples. Once you're left with the matting, the glass, and the frame, decide if you want to paint the frame. If you do, paint the frame any way you'd like. Optional: Add some antiquing glaze to give your frame a vintage look.
4. Cut the textile to fit inside the matting of the frame.
5. Use adhesive spray to glue the textile to the matting so it doesn't move around.
6. Put your frame back together. You may need to staple it, depending on how thick your textile is.
7. Hang your new textile wall art in your home!