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This Pillow Cover Hack Requires Nothing But a Holiday Blanket

Want to give your throw pillows a festive touch? This Christmas pillow cover hack requires nothing but a holiday blanket.

Written by
Asha Swann

It's hard to resist the festive selection of throw pillows at Target. But this year, save some money (and better the planet!) by using this Christmas pillow cover hack that turns the pillows you already have on your couch into cozy holiday decor.

TikTok creator Maddie Hock's Christmas pillow hack has gone viral, garnering nearly 800,000 views in just four days. It's easy to see why: In her video, she shared all you need to upcycle your current throw pillows for the holidays is a festive blanket—something you likely already have on hand or can easily thrift.

"You have to stop spending $30 on throw pillows," she says. "Instead, you're going to wrap your pillows like a Christmas present."

Going about this mini DIY project is easy. You simply grab your blanket, lay your pillow on top of it, then wrap it up. Seriously, that's it. What you're left with is a collection of holiday pillows cuter than anything you'll find on store shelves. Extra bonus? No one will have the same ones, and you can customize them however you'd like.

If you want to try this DIY pillow hack for yourself, follow Hock's easy-to-follow instructions below.

Easy Christmas Pillow Hack

What You Need:

Throw pillow
Holiday blanket


1. Grab a cute holiday-themed blanket. It should be thin and on the smaller side.
2. Place your pillow in the middle of the blanket.
3. Fold in one set of corners and smooth out the fabric.
4. Bring the other set of corners together and tie a knot.
5. Tuck the excess fabric underneath the fold.
6. That's it! Display your new holiday pillow for optimal festive vibes.